Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coupon Holder!


So Since I have been getting into coupons lately. I noticed that they were laying everywhere. In a drawer in the kitchen, On the living room table, On the floor, On the dining table! They were getting out of control! I was thinking I wanted to buy a coupon holder, but then my thrifty side got the best of me and I decided...No I dont need to buy one, I need to make one!(my pile of coupons)

My new favorite thing is felt. I have been making little felt things for many up coming post! Felt it so cheap and you would be amazed how many different things you can make with it!

So I sat down to make a coupon holder/carrier with felt!!

First I took a full sheet of felt and just folded it in 3rds, kind of like a pamphlet.
I pinned the bottom fold in place to keep it in place so I could stitched up the sides!
This is what it looks like with the sides stitched up.
Then I cut a slit the size of the button I had picked out. And I made stitching around it just so it didn't fray or stretch out with time. Im sure it will anyways, But I wanted to slow it down a little bit.
Then I stitched on the button. Lime green of course :)
Then I tested it to make sure it went threw the hole I cut for it!
then I cut out a little cupcake out of felt and gave it little sprinkles on top!
(click the picture to enlarge and see the sprinkles better!)
I put all of my coupons in and they fit perfect!
I love it!
It cost me 25 cents for the purple felt
the rest of the stuff was on hand...So 25 cents was cheaper than I could buy one for I'm sure!

Happy Crafting.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll link next week or so!

  2. So cute. You are so crafty! I'm so glad you liked the earrings!

  3. So cute! The snap on my coupon holder broke, so I need a new one...I'll keep this in mind!

  4. That's so cute & clever. I use a plastic one in the same shape. But I like your idea better :) Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  5. so cute! you should open your own Etsy shop :-)

  6. Great idea! I love to keep my coupons organized and I think this turned out really nice. I'm not crafty, but I think that even I could make this. The cupcake on it is too cute!

  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence :) I need to get some felt now!!

  8. this is so cute! I love the little cupcake! :)

  9. Very cute! I am glad that you love felt too... it's so much fun!

  10. That is so cute and thrifty. Great idea.

  11. You need to become a follower of my blog again so that I don't look so pathetic.


  12. Try clicking my name again and let me know if it takes you to my blog... if it doesn't work then I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it.

  13. Sorry I didn't get to this post. :(

    Very cute holder and great job on it. Felt is a good idea because it's so very flexible. I recently bought a new coupon holder but it feels too stiff. (Haven't tried it out yet though) But it has several compartments, so maybe it'll be ok cuz I like to have my coupons a bit organized if I can.

    Take care~


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