Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Product Review: Purex 3- in- 1


So have you heard of the new thing from Purex laundry detergent? It really is amazing! Go here to learn more about it and to get a coupon good for a dollar off of the product!

So basically (If you haven't seen the hundreds of commercials for this) it is the size of a dryer sheet. It has one loads worth of detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheet (anti static) all in the size of one dryer sheet! You throw it into the washer, then when you load your clothes into the dryer you just make sure it is still in your pile of clothes some where, when you stuff it into the dryer and it works as your dryer sheet as well!

So I use purex anyways, so I was excited to try it out! I got the sunday paper and there was a $2 off coupon in there! Then I saw in the ads that kroger and kmart had the product on sale for 5 dollars which is almost 1.50 off the normal price. So you got the product for 3 dollars.

So I went out and purchased it and brought it home to try out and let you know what I thought!

This is the container and what it looks like (my crafting stuff is all around it...sorry about that!) It is so small and so light weight! It would be perfect for my grandma! She is handicapped and if she were having a hard time lifting the liquid detergent to put it in the washer, she could just pick up this light as paper sheet and drop it in. She would love this!

So I threw it into the washer and started it up. I sat on my couch and looked at the container and then realized there are rules to using the sheets! I had no idea! For a top loader like mine you are suppose to put the sheet in and start the water and then add your clothes..opps!

No worries though, it came out just fine! I also did another load the right waya nd I got the same results! It worked great! My laundry was clean, soft and no static! I love it! The only problem I saw with it was that I looooooove the smell of fresh laundry, and while this smelled clean and great, it was not as strong as what I am use to from purex!

So in conclusion:

Cleanliness: 9 1/2
Scent smell: 9
Power of the scent: 7
Softness: 10
Static free: 10
Price with coupon: 10
Price without coupon: 7

total score out of ten: 8.9

I would reccomened it to anyone with a coupon for sure! Without a coupon....I'm not so sure...It does 20 loads for almost the same price as the liquid does 64 loads. And I get my dryer sheets at the dollar store. So it cost me two dollars more for 3 times as many loads! So the price is not comparable at all really. If money is no object for you (I dont know many people like this) than go for it! If you are thrifty or on a budget this is best left unitl the competitors start coming out with the same thing so that there will be competivite pricing!

Happy shopping!


  1. I just saw this on a commercial the other day and had to wonder if it was worth the money. Thanks for the review...very helpful.

  2. I'm glad you reviewed this and mentioned the price! I've seen 2 other blogger reviews that didn't even mention the price :-)

  3. Great product review. I was curious about this product because I saw a coupon for it too. Like you, I also use Purex (what makes it so good & it's very reasonably priced!??). But if you only get 20 loads, hm, I don't think it'd be worth it. And again, like you, I love the smell of fresh & clean clothes after a washing.

    BTW: How many sheets come in a pack of dryer sheets at the Dollar Store...I'm gonna assume you're talking about Dollar TREE?...:)

  4. OH, One more thing-you're right, it would be good for older folks and handicapped people. That would be a very good thing for them!

  5. I just saw a commercial for this for the first time the other day and thought it looked pretty awesome. I would like to try it, but it kind of sucks that it only does 20 loads... we'll see. Maybe I'll give it a shot some day.

  6. Michael's mom bought us some of these when they were in town this weekend... I thought of you when we bought them. Everyone was like 'are they any good?' and 'do you know anyone who uses them', and I said "I know someone who has them and she really likes them."

    So Michael's mom bought them and wants us to report back to her whether or not they are any good. I just thought it was kind of a funny moment that I wanted to tell you about.

  7. We're planning to get these for our beach vacation so we aren't having to haul a ton of laundry stuff to the beach. Thanks for reviewing it... now I know our clothes will be clean and to read the directions :-)


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