Tuesday, June 23, 2009

50% off at Goodwill.


I just changed my background and made myself a new banner! I'd be interested in hearing what you think, especially about the new banner!

So this past Saturday was 50% off day at goodwill. I was having a garage sale with my mom so I couldn't go, but that didn't stop me from getting good deals anyways! My best friend (and shopping buddy) and I went the night before about a half an hour until closing time and checked out things we might want. We then went into the car and made a list of everything. (Yes we are that crazy)

My friend got there right when they opened and she actually got everything on our list! I was so excited when she showed up at our garage sale with everything I wanted in hand! Here are the things that I got!

This was a three piece canister set. I think it was meant for the bath room but I am going to use it in my craft room to hold some sort of crafty things.
was 1.99
paid: .99
These owl glass were brand new, but yet look vintage. They may very well be vintage but I doubt it. They were .99 a piece. I got 5 of them at .50 each.
Price: 5.00
Paid: 2.50
I tell everyone I have no interest in strap perfects, but then when we saw them sitting there on the goodwill shelf I couldn't help but put it on the list! It came with two of each color and we decided to split them up and share the price.
price: 8.99
paid: 4.50
Split in half( I paid): 2.25
I love owls, so I was instantly drawn to this magazine rack!
Sadly, it is kind of ugly. I cant wait to sand it and then paint it white. I will show you it once I am done, it will probably be a while though. I want to use it to hold my scrapbook paper...I think.
paid: 3.50
Toy story curtain!
We are buying things slowly for a disney room someday and This will make great pillows or something.
Paid: .99
Full sized sheet.
So cute!
price: 2.99
paid: 1.50
I use sheets as fabric for my crafts, and this sheet was just perfect!

Hope you enjoyed my deals!

Happy shopping!


  1. oooh, let me know how the bra strap thing works, I've been wanting to try it!!! I wish my Goodwill/s were that cheap!

  2. p.s. I like the new blog look :-) very cute!

  3. Awesome! I like the little owl shelf, it will be REALLY cute once it's painted and it looks perfect for scrapbook paper. I seriously need you to come here and go shopping with me.

    And your blog is really cute! I like how you made a little picture of yourself :)

  4. oh my gosh, all those finds!! I really do love Goodwill. I have a thing for owls, too, so I think your owl finds are especially cute!

  5. Love the new look and those owl glasses are adorable!

  6. Ooo, all the owl stuff is so great! And you got some awesome deals, sweet!

    I like your banner a lot. Good job! I think it's very fitting for your blog.

    Take care~


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