Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I need a little Help!


Ok so I need a little help....or not me really, but my fabulous sister in law does need your help! It's really easy to help out as well!

So here's the deal. She made a design for a very cute tote bag for a library contest at . There is a $500 prize for the design they decide to print, which won't be announced until much later. But they also have a $100 prize for the People's Choice.

In order to win the People's choice, all you have to do it go to and sign in using your flickr account or you can use your yahoo account as well! Go to Christen's (my sister in laws) design and toward the left hand top of the page it says "Add to Faves", just click that to add her design to your faves! Whoever's design is saved to the most people's favorites wins the peoples choice prize money!

So if you could please take a few seconds and do that for her (and me) that would be great! It's only until midnight tonight though, so hurry!

On another note....I have been super busy with midterms (I keep calling them finals...I think that is just wishful thinking on my part), too busy to write a proper clearance post, and to leave comments on your blogs! I will be back in full swing once midterms are over tomorrow!



  1. Ask and you shall recieve! Did it. It really is a cute design. I hope she wins!

    Good luck on your midterms :)

  2. You can count on me. Have a happy day!

  3. Good luck on your finals!!! :-)

  4. I put my vote in for Christen too. anything for a Queen :)

  5. hope its not too late...just did it! :)

  6. How cool, I will have to go over :)

  7. hey! just wanted to let you know that I received my nature valley package! thanks so much for hosting the giveaway...the stuff was truly awesome! :)


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