Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying to catch up on my deals!


So I am waaay behind on everything! Midterms are finally over! Yay! That is waaay exciting! Also Hubby was out of town this weekend and I don't like to stay alone so I had tons of company over at our place! It was nice to have people over and go shopping and have some girl time! So to give you your clearance fix, these are just some stragglers that were left behind some how from my Sept. folder. Since Oct. is almost over, I hope to empty out my Oct. folder mostly this week and next week, so you can see all of my recent clearance deals! And also to make room for November clearance deals that are sure to come in the near future! Enjoy!
I Love this thing! It's a traveling jewelry holder. Too cute. there's a spot of earrings, necklaces, rings...and much more. I wanted one of these for a while but couldn't find a cute one!
It was 9.99 I got it for 2.50. from the hallmark store.
Sheets from target. Got them new! I think the colors are too cute.
2.99 each for flat and fitted sheet. So It would have been about $6, I got them 1/2 off because they were the color of the week. So I got the whole sheet set for 2.99! yay!

When I stayed the night with my grandma recently she took me to a church rummage sale early the next morning and I got a few things....and here they are: This is a cute vintage cute tin box with a latch on it that I assume locks, but I haven't taken the time to figure it out yet!It was 50 cents. My grandma also gave me a whole set of sewing supplies when I was at her house and this tool box looking container now holds allllll of those goodies she gave me!

I also got this little snowman! He is too cute! He will be hanging in our window this winter! He says "Snowmen will melt your heart"

He was 50 cents!This is a vintage batman wall hang. He was 10 cents. Allen loves him :)
This Christmas Dolie is sooo cute! It was 10 cents. I am going to put some green scrapbook paper in a frame behind this dolie and hang it up at Christmas time! i think it will look cute! I will show it to you once I get it all put together!

The best part is....My grandma paid for my things at the rummage sale so these cheap prices were really cheap for me because I got them for FREE!

Grandma is an avid reader of my blog so....HELLO GRANDMA! Thanks for buying me these great deals! Love you! Miss you! And hope to see you soon!

Once again I will leave you with a picture of the cutest dog ever up there ^ :)

I almost forgot that yesterday was the drawing for My "Sweet" Giveaway for my 100th post and 100th follower! drew between numbers 1-77 and the winner was number 12! And that is Kathie from my net finds! Congrats Kathie! I just emailed you about your win! New giveaways coming really soon! Also I have tons of new followers to my blog.... 23 new ones to be exact! Welcome!


  1. awwwwww, cute doggy!

    great deals!

  2. Cool stuff. :) You have so much stuff, where do you keep all of it?! lol

  3. Congratulations Kathie!

    Awww, don't ya just love grandma for taking you to the rummage sale AND paying for your goodies?!

    I really like the Snowman and you scored on the sheets!

  4. Great finds and what a great grandmother!

  5. Wow, bunch of goodies! My favorite is the vintage box. Hi to Grandma:) and congrats to Kathie for winning your giveaway:) Have a blessed day!

  6. I love all your wonderful finds. Hurrah for Grandmothers, especially since I'm one .lol
    That is a cute dog. Congrats to Kathie!

  7. isn't getting midterms over such a relief? i have ONE left then my life is back haha :P

    i love all the stuff you got - especially that snowman!

  8. Great finds! That jewelry organizer is so cool!

  9. Hi, I love your blog, and the pictures! now following you via rss ;)

    Link me, follow me

  10. Why can't my goodwill be as fabulous as yours?!?!?

  11. YAY for getting through your exams! I am a total wuss and always have to have someone stay with me when the hubs is away!

  12. Love that tin! My grandmother used to take me to yard sales before she moved to Florida. I used to get embarrassed when she haggled though :-)

  13. Thats so sweet that you can spend time like that with your grandma. You found some lovely things, i especially like the vintage box.


  14. love that little box the most i think! and i like the batman of course! :D

  15. LOVE the sheets and the cay-ute metal box from the rummage sale. You're killin' me as I'm always on the lookout for sheets fer cheap! Love your doggie :D

  16. I LOVE that jewelry holder, that is so cute! And I love that you are close to your grandma!! I am so close to mine and we have so much fun together :) Great deals, I love the sheets too!!

  17. I love that traveling jewelry holder. I need 1 of those.

  18. you are the QUEEN of clearance!! cute stuff:)

  19. I love the deals! The jewelry holder from Hallmark is so cute and I also love the pattern on the sheets that you got from Goodwill. That was also really sweet of your grandma to buy you those things from the rummage sale :)


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