Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Navy Clearance!!!


So I went to Old Navy a looooong time a go. My post were so backed up that this is from like 3 weeks ago. I went again friday and got even better deals than this! can't wait to share those once I get pictures and such! Im so far behind on my posts! I haven't shown you my Gatlinburg Tenn. trip from 3 weeks ago, and I have tons of other stuff to show you that I just cant seem to get caught up on. Everything is crazy right now, and Im trying to get ready for my midterms that are this week! But anyways Old Navy was having a huge clearance sale again. You got an extra 50% of the already low clearance price! It was exciting!
I got this white tank top ^
it was 3.99 on clearance. with an extra 50% off I got it for 1.99

Same as the white tank top but it has ruffles and its pink!
it was 3.99 and I got it for 1.99

This black one is just like the white one. it was 3.99 and I got it for 1.99All three of those were originally 14.50!

This cute gray top was 5.99 and I got it for 3.49This purple one is the same as the gray one above. so it was 5.99 and I got it for 3.49
They were both originally good deal.

This purple one was 3.99 and I got it for 1.49
It was originally 12.50

Throw a cardigan, or layer them with other things and welcome to my winter wardrobe (well a small section of it anyways :)

The total before clearance would have cost me : $85
With clearance it would have been: 27.44
On final Clearance I got all of these for: 14.44

I saved: $70.56


Happy Shopping.


  1. Wow. Great prices. I'm going to Old Navy this week to buy something for my baby cousin's birthday. Hopefully I can find some of these deals!

  2. My goodness what good deals you got! Looking forward to seeing all of your pictures from your trip. Hope you have a great day and good luck with the midterms!

  3. If you ever come to Maryland, we are meeting up and you must take me shopping. We will scour high and low for bargins! You have done it again. Great work.

  4. Awesome! You are going to look so cute in your clearance clothes this winter :)

  5. Whoa nelly, that's some good bargain hunting. And they all look so comfy!

  6. *sigh* wish we had bargains like that here.

  7. Another successful shopping trip! I love the pink tank with ruffles. All of these basics will make for some great winter outfits.

    I wish you lots of luck on your tests and I can't wait to hear about you TN trip!

  8. Hi, I'm Noelle's mom, could you email em at Thanks, Lori

  9. Girl, you really know how to find the deals, these are great!

  10. I need to get to Old navy soon. I never go to the area that it's in, so I never get to go there.

  11. omg i am so jealous!!!! that is some clearance!!!!

  12. i LOVE great deals! i haven't been to old navy since forever, i gotta get there :o)

  13. Great buys! You should seriously get a job as a professional shopper for people, you find the best bargains!


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