Monday, August 3, 2009

CVS Deals, and I got Interviewed :)


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So this week at CVS I got the following things for $3 and some odd change. I would tell you what the odd change was but I lost my receipt somewhere. This does not make me happy, but hopefully I will find it soon!

1- Gallon of milk
2- pack of 20 pens
2- pairs of scissors
1- Blink tears stuff ( sort of like Visine)
1- Pen/Pencil eraser
2- book covers
2- notebooks
2- folders
2- protractors
2-flex rulers
1- soft soap body wash
1- pack of Post its!

total: $3 and some change

and my EBCs to roll over for next week!

The lady behind the counter wanted to know how many kids I had...because of all of the school supplies. I looked at her and said "None...just me" hahaha. Being in school I always buy school supplies, but this year thanks to CVS I'm getting them all for free pretty much. Now do I need 8 rulers? no. Do I need 320 pens? no. But someone does I'm sure. I am taking what I think I will need for the year and then donating the rest to a local charity, who on their website says, that they need and take school supplies to give out to families who need them. So not only did I get free school supplies for me, but I'm giving to families that also need school supplies!

Ok on to some important bussiness:


It was loads of fun!

Here is a small exert from the interview. I would post it all, but I really think you should check out at Twas the Brillig and read it for yourself there!

{So, why did you start blogging?}

I had been on a journaling website since I was 16. Sharing my personal thoughts and my day to day. The older I got the more uncomfortable I got with sharing my feelings with complete strangers. So I went out looking for a new forum where I could share about myself without too much sharing! I found blogger and loved that people had craft blogs, money saving blogs, and so on. It was a way for me to show who I was without actually having to give away all the details. My blog is not too personal, (though at times it can be) for that very reason. I wanted to do a craft blog, but all my crafty Ideas came from other people, and I'm not good at saving money, I like to spend it, but I'm very thrifty with how I spend my money. So I thought OK, I love clearance, so I'll do a clearance blog......

To read more go here

And tell Cindy "Hello" while you're at it!

Thanks for the interview Cindy, it was fun!


  1. I cannot believe your deals at CVS! A gallon of milk costs more than the total of what you spent. That's great! I also think it is so kind of you to donate some of the school supplies to a local charity. I am sure that it will be appreciated!

    That is so fun that you got interviewed!

  2. I think donating the 8 rulers you don't need is a great idea! Good for you. You are so awesome at finding these deals, I'm shocked everytime. Congrats on the interview too!

  3. how awesome! I got 2 free gallons on milk at CVS :-), it was awesome!

  4. getting a interview, a super great deal and being able to donate stuff you are having a great week. I still cant believe that you got all that for $

  5. Aren't you big time?? You continue to amaze me with your fabulous scores!

  6. Those are some good deals girl! That's wonderful that you are donating the supplies that you won't need to charity. I'm sure you'll make some families veeeery happy this school year :) How exciting that you got interviewed!! Your famous now!

  7. You are soooo my new bloggy bff!! You have got to teach me how to do those deals. I thought I was hot stuff when I did some CVS'ing and got 4 bottles of shampoo (garnier/aussie), 4 bottle of Condition (garnier/aussie), 4 packs of razors (schick), 4 packs of refills (schick)and 2 three pack of soap - all for $42 - when originally without coups, ECsavings or ECB - it would have been about $152.

    Yeah - you are the queen of clearance! ;)

  8. ps.. can I post about you in my blog? - email me at

  9. Wow great finds! And an interview. You are on a roll girl! Keep up the good work.

  10. I can so relate! Especially to "I'm not good at saving money, I like to spend it, but I'm very thrifty with how I spend my money". I love when I get a bargain or find that special something for a great deal. It excites me! I nearly die when I have to pay full retail price or for that matter even some of the thrift store "regular" prices. Ack! I love your blog. It's one of the one's I think about daily and that helps inspire and motivate me. I also love that you're going to donate what you don't need to those who will need it. You don't know how much someone appreciates it until you've been in their situation. I have...not with school supplies but other necessities. It means so much to me when people donate needed items to those in need. :)

    I'm going to have to check out that interview too. :)

  11. How fun to be interviewed!!

    And love the idea about donating some of the stuff you got. I have been saving all my stuff I got last year for free for my own classroom, but still no classroom, lol. So I have been skipping the back to school sales except for crayons and glue for my own kids :)

  12. that is great! and yay for you for donating to charity!! i cannot figure that CVS thing out! any suggestions for me?


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