Saturday, August 1, 2009

Old Navy Extra 50% Off of Already Clearanced Clothes...


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now on to the post!

So remember that take an extra 50% of the lowest ticket price clearance stuff at Old Navy?
Well, here are my finds!

Green (lightweight sweater material) tank top. It is soooo soft and comfy!

Originally: 19.50
Clearance price: 5.99
Extra 50% off: 3.00

Brown ruffle shirt. So cute!
Original: 12.50
Clearance: 4.99
Extra 50% off: 2.50
Blue sweaterOriginally: 25.99
Clearance: 12.99
Extra 50% off: 6.50
Extra Extra 50% off for small tear: 3.25
I couldn't even find the tear. The girl at the counter and I spent 5 minutes trying to find it!
Such a great deal!Purple tank top

Originally: 10.00
Clearance: 5.47
extra 50% off: 2.75
navy blue yoga tank topOriginally: 10.00
Clearance: 3.99
Extra 50% off: 2.00
Original: 6.50
Clearance: 4.99
Extra 50% off: 2.50

total at original prices: 84.49

What I paid: 16.00


Love it!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I bow to the master!! Great deals!! You're going to look so cute in this stuff :)

  2. well look at you gettin' cute clothes! I wish we lived closer, we could go shoppin together girl!

  3. Wow! That's some pretty awesome savings! You saved almost $70!

  4. You get the best stuff! I can never find good things like those, I'm jealous ;)

  5. Talk about a good buy! Wow great work!

  6. Wow, you always find the best deals! I love that green tank top.

  7. Great Old Navy clearance finds! I really like the blue sweater. That will be so nice for the fall!

  8. Queen of Clearance strikes again! Love Old Navy and these are incredible deals. Good work!

  9. awesome deals! love those flip flops!!!

  10. you did great!! i love old navy! i work there for almost 2 years; then they did the extra 50% off clearance, we got another 20% off that with our discount back then... dirt cheap!!! gosh, i sure do miss my discount! lol cute tops too!!!


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