Friday, July 31, 2009

What Do You Do With All of That Green Glass?


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On to the post!

Many people have asked me on this blog "What do you do with all of that green glass?"...mostly nothing :) That is why I need to stop buying it! A lot of it sits around and looks pretty, but lately I have been finding more and more uses for it, so I thought I would give a little post and let you know exactly what I do DO with my green glass!This picture came out small. Click on the picture to see it bigger! This is on the ledge that divides my kitchen from the dinner room. My friend bought me the two votive holders that are on either side, and the middle one I posted about a while back from goodwill. It holds doggie bones. I got so sick of reaching on my tippy toes every time my dog went potty to give him a bone so I put them on the ledge in the bowl so I can just toss him one when he comes back inside!
There are the three newest green glassware that I got on my Ohio trip in my guest bathroom. I really had no Idea what I was going to do with them, and then it just popped into my head. This bathroom is really my bathroom and our master bathroom is my hubby's bathroom.

The corner one holds my makeup brushes!

This one holds my makeup!
This one holds my hair ties and head bands.This is our new desk in the guest/office/craft room. The green vase is just sitting and looking pretty. lol. Do you see Mario?
This is the window ledge in that same room.
from let to right:
The vase my mom gave me
the blue/green galss I just bought and posted about the other day for 1.50
The next one is soo little. I got it for .50 at goodwill a long time ago.
Then the little clear galss platter I showed you a while back, it holds the little bottles that my buttons are in!left to right:
Its a little green glass light bulb that is actually a jar.
The socket twists off. Its holding my craft marbles. My mom found it in my grandpas garage when he died and gave it to me. Im not sure how old it is.
Then a round vase. I got on sale 90% at the hallmark store years ago.
Lastly....the first peice of green glass, that started my craziness.
It looks like a genie bottle to me and it comes with a stopped that is not on it, Its in a drawer somewhere, I was afraid it would fall off and break because it is not a tight fit.
My grandma gave it to me.She had a blue one and now I wish I had asked for it too. But I just loved green and wanted the green one at the time.
I wonder what happened to the blue one?
She says its my great grandmas. I'm unsure of how old it is,
but it is a very nice peice.
Lastly this green glass bowl holds my ribbon supply!

That's it! That is what I do with all of my green glass. But I need to stop my addiction...for a little bit! I'm going to try really hard to cut back....unless I find that perfect must have piece of green glassware :)

Happy Shopping!


  1. You got quite a collection, but you put it all to good use i think!

  2. It looks great. I like your background too. Very fitting for the queen of clearance. Happy Saturday.

  3. They all have their perfect place! I don't think you have too much at all. :)

  4. i love all those sweet little vintage green bottles!

  5. It all looks great! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. nice! :) not only does the glass serve a purpose, its pretty too!

  7. Cute! I like them all, but I really love that unique round one!

  8. it's all really pretty, especially in a collection! I know I will definitely think of you the next time I see green glass :-) I know my mom has a green glass planter, but she uses it, otherwise I'd send it to you!

  9. You have quite the collection! My favorite is the glass light bulb. It even more special that your grandpa used to own it :)

  10. All your green glass is beautiful! Love the green and blue number!

  11. I love it all! I've just noticed the last few months how attracted to colored glass I am. I haven't bought much...yet....but I am so drawn to it. I did buy a very cute red and orange vase for $1 at a yard sale last weekend. Maybe I'll post a pick sometime. :)

    I think as long as you are finding good uses for it you haven't got too much. :)

  12. I have to say at least you have a collection that can be displayed. One of my most favorite things to collect is stationery. I cant really display it but drive my husband nuts when we move and he has to carry boxes and boxes and I am talking about moving box size. But now that I think about it. It seems the amount is getting smaller. I think he is getting rid of them on the sneak lol

  13. I love seeing what you've done with all of your green glass! I especially love how you used it in the bathroom. You're giving me inspiration to do something similar ;) I really need something to hold all of my brushes.

  14. i think they look great and are of GOOD use for you!! hey, its ok to collect! LOL


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