Monday, August 3, 2009

Lakeside Catalog, and a Great swap!


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So I went to my mail box and what should I find? My new Lakeside Catalog. I was sitting on my couch enjoying the amazing things that were in it when I thought...."Does everyone know about this great catalog?".....Well DO YOU? I wasn't sure, so here I am to spread the word!

This catalog is one of my favorite things, one my mom's favorite things, one my grandma's favorite things, ANNNND EVEN one of kids' favorite things! How does this catalog reach every generation? I have no idea. But it does. We all love it. So I'm passing it on to you! You can go HERE and look around or you can order a free catolog on their link towards the top of the page that says "Free catalog", and then when is comes to you every season you can thank me for having this little peice of heaven in your mail box!

In this catalog is everything and anything, but here are some of the amazing deals I have found...

1. I bought a cupcake shaped pan for $34.00
Of course I had a half off coupon making it $17 but that was still expensive.
I just wanted it so bad I couldn't help it!
Well lake side has it HERE for a mere $6.95
Great deal.

2. Bumpits for $6.95 HERE
(I know some of you have been wanting these)

3. Twilight Fleece throw HERE
This is a must have for me...EDWARD!

4. The cutest Cupcake quilt I have ever seen in my life!
If anyone can make on for cheaper let me know...
Because I'm about to buy this one...HERE

5. These precious little baby girl socks that look like
Ballet Slippers...soooo cute! Here
you get 6 pairs in 6 different colors for $4.95

6. The books that inspired the True Blood series on HBO
This is as cheap as I have seen them: $21.95 (even for used this is cheap, so for new its amazing!)
I already ordered and recieved them in the mail!

7. And Lastly NFL reusable grocery bags HERE which I will be buying some colts ones!
You get 3 for 4.95

Alrighty, there are tons more great things in the catalog, those are just the ones I have
bought or am considering purchasing!
(by the way no one is paying me to say this, I just looove looove looove this catalog..incase I didn't already make the clear enough :) lol )

To wrap things up!
My blogging friend Kathie over at My Net Finds is having a swap!
You can sign up until Aug. 10th.
You have to send your package to your swap partner no later than the last day of Aug.
It is a Favorite Things swap. It can include 3 or more of your favorite things with
a minimum price of $25 but you can spend more if you would like!
You can check it out HERE (or click her cute swap button at the bottum of this post!)
for all the info!
I would really like for some of my blogging friends to join in this!
Wouldn't it be neat if we were lucky enough to get picked to swap with each other?
So head on over and check out all the rules!
Have a great day!


  1. What cute things! I had never heard of this company before. I LOVE to get new catalogs in the mail!! THANKS :)

  2. When I read the name I was not sure what it was. But when I saw the actual catalog cover. I knew exactly what it was. I have never ordered but my mom gets that catalog and they do have great stuff.

    And hello the EDWARD fleece I have to have it. I am surprised my mom hasn't even mentioned that it was in there. OMG thanks for the heads up

  3. I have heard of the Lakeside Collection catalog. I bought a shadow box from them a couple years ago to put the outfits my boys wore home from the hospital in it but my nephew ended up breaking it. My dad made me a new one which ended up as better quality anyway. But I do love that catalog too. I want to buy many things but never did after the shadow box. You can buy the exact same things from LTD commodities for even lesser of a price but have to have the items shipped to a business. One of the women I work with has it shipped to work.

  4. Never heard of that magazine! Thanks for sharing...I'll have to check it out. I was with a friend the other day, and I swear she had on a bump it. But, when I asked, she said no...she just teased her hair like crazy! I'm still a bit skeptical about them anyway!! I'm afraid I'm going to be too busy for swaps until I get into the swing of things at school. :(

  5. Hey, I did see bumpits at Target yesterday! I did not see the price but thought it was funny they were there!!

  6. I've never heard of this catalog so I'm off to check it out!

    oh another swap...I'm doing one right now and it is so much fun. Just about to finish up my package and send it off. Thanks for the info on this one.

    Well I have CVS news to share. I have finally made my first purchase. I bought some Pantene on sale, had a $1 off coupon from the paper, got $2 in ecb AND got a free bottle of hand lotion.

    The cashier said the free item is something new they just started. I think you get something free with every purchase, but am don't know for sure. Seems like a great deal. The guy before me got a free package of batteries. Hey wait I got lotion and he got batteries!! Do you think this is related to our sex! J/K! But I am excited that I understand the ECB now and am excited to get this thing going.

    Thanks for all your help!

  7. That's a great deal on the Charlaine Harris books. Hope you like them, my owner loves them.

  8. I love The Lakeside Collection and randomly started receiving their catalogs a few years back. I always find the most interesting things. You never know what you'll find!

    I love the cupcake quilt!

  9. Dear The Queen of Clearance,

    Thank you for your supportive comments and for taking the time to share them on your blog. We are thrilled that you are an avid shopper and that you have recommended The Lakeside Collection to your friends, family and blog followers.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, please feel free to email me directly at

    Best Regards,

    Melissa Martinez
    Customer Support Specialist


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