Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jungle Jims


So, most of you did not know what Jungle Jims was so I am here today to share pictures from my trip and let you all see what it is all about!

First Jungle Jims is in Fairfield Ohio. It is HUGE and amazing! Its basically a grocery store, but it is an awesome one. It has an amazing selection of choices from all over the world. Things you can't find anywhere else you will find here. If you are from a different country than the USA but live here and miss something from back home, 99.9% chance Jungle Jims has it! They divide their store like a normal grocery store but as you pass the American section you will notice that it is broken up into countries. There are rows of groceries from all over the world! It is so interesting to go and just look around for hours. (seriously!) The husband and I always try something new every time we go. We just pick something up that looks good and just try it.

So here are some of the things (besides food) that Jungle Jims has to offer:

Arriving at Jungle Jim's
Me in front of the big fruit display in ront of the store :)
If you need to wait for your ride, you can wait for them here...
In the baseball park style seating!This was right as you entered the store!
It was new since the last time I was there!
Its a sarcastic corn on the cob, and a stick of butter.
They welcome you!
I thought it was fun that they wicked witch was under them!
Big Elephants hanging from the ceiling!
(new this time as well)its a throne you can take your picture on...I'm not really
sure what purpose it has though?
Also they have awesome bathrooms check out this really short video....
they show you all about it and it is so neat!

Click here

this is Elvis and this is why I love Jungle Jims. My grandpa use to take us here
before he died. When I was a little kid he would take us here and we would watch Elvis bear
and get some candy and look around!
Thanks Grandpa!
Jen in one of the countries, France to be exact!
All of the poles are painted to look like giraffes !
too cute!Robin hood, he talks and such. Fun for kids....and me (shhh)

Jen in front of the store. They have a pond with Animals.
The elephants squirt out water, there are even animal noises.
Kids love to stand out and watch them!

This time I decided to try these weird chips:
steak and onion and roasted chicken!
Soooo weird!
Popped it in my mouth and both tasted exactly like their name.
It was a really weird thing. hahaha.
but they were good....for what they were.I heard this was the best chocolate! I couldn't find it anywhere to try it!
I figured jungle Jims had to have it! I was right.
But I got that last bar so it must be good right?
RIGHT! It was like eating heaven...and I am not even a chocolate person!

Also Jungle Jims sports:
A Cici's pizza
Fresh sushi made to order
An AMAZING bakery
a post office
Hallmark store
Small movie theater that plays a movie on the history of jungle jims.
And soooo much more!

I hope you enjoyed my visit to Jungle Jims and If you are ever passing through
Check it out!

Here is their website:
Click me!

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Have a great Day!


  1. That place is awesome!

  2. It sounds like a little island or something...how fun! I have never heard of anything like it. Thanks for sharing and the bathrooms are too funny. I love that it looks like a port-a-potty from the outside.

  3. You can pretty much convince me to go anywhere there is a Starbucks. Is that sad? ah ha

  4. Wow! Very impressive store. I especially love Elvis Bear

  5. That place looks like fun! Congrats on your blog traffic!!

  6. I have never heard of this place but it looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

  7. I will definitely have to stop at a Jungle Jims next time I see one (though I think I have only passed one once in my life as it is!) Congrats on 1500 visitors this month, that is awesome!

  8. i love the pic of you next to the fruit! very cute! :D

    i have never been to a jungle jims...i don't think we even have one in NY. it looks wonderful though!


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