Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flea market finds! *EDIT*


So to continue with my Ohio entries. Do you like Flea markets? I cannot say I am a big fan of them, but I have found some things at them that have made my day before! Well Just out side of Cincinnati are two HUGE flea markets. When I say HUGE, I think that is still an understatement. I could spend hours in them, and they have some amazing food at them as well!

The one I normally go to is called Traders world.
It cost $2 a car load to get in....not sure why, but its worth it just to step inside and look at all of the booths they have!Like Jungle Jims it has many fake animals all around, and palm trees!
The gorilla Greets you!
Hippo in a pool! I thought that was funny.

I am sad to say that I forgot to take a picture of how big this place is but you can check out their website!

Click Here

So want to see what I bought?

I have been search every thrift store high and low for a white purse. I'm not normally a white purse kind of girl but lately I have been wanting one to wear around for the summer!
So I was looking at this white purse at one ladies booth and it said:
but it was marked out and said:
I thought to myself:
"If it were $10 I would so buy this!"
Then the lady come around the corner and says
"That purse is $10 if you buy now!"
I had to buy it then!
So here it is!
So cute. Its a little smaller than what I normally carry...
Im a big purse kind of girl but it works just fine!
The inside pattern is soo cute!
There was also a Make up booth where I saw my favorite mascara for $2
I was thrilled! I normally find it at target on clearance for $5 and just force
myself to buy it! But $2 was so cheap!So that other Flea market is called Treasure Island
We didn't go to that one this time but it is just as big and wonderful!
It is right across the street from Traders world.
Also they are inside flea markets so it is something great to do on a rainy day!

Alright that is all on that!
I just wanted to post a picture of my CVS deals this past sunday!
Got everything in the picture for freeeeee!
So exciting!2 pairs of scissors, two bottles of glue, three packs of pens, 2 rulers and 2 notebooks!

Happy shopping!

Up next: Thrift store finds in Ohio!


New Giveaway coming your way in the next day or two.


  1. Looks like so much fun - live the animals greeting you and your purse is very pretty.

  2. love the purse! I'm not a white purse kinda of girl either, but that one is super cute and I think white is a good color for summer :-) Flea markets in my area are usually full of junky old stuff that people try to call antiques!

  3. The flea market looks like so much fun!! Michigan doesn't have anything cool like that (at least as far as I know). Boo.

    Great buys!

  4. I love the hippo in the pool! Cute purse too.

  5. I wish we had a flea market close by and by the way I love that white purse.

  6. What great buys! Love that little white purse! I've got to get into this CVS thing. Sounds too good not to be doing. I read about how it works on someone else's blog after you posted your last CVS trip. I just to got get a CVS card and do it!

  7. Sounds like a great day! I also love the purse. I just went on the purse search and couldn't pick, I bought 5 and I am planning on returning the ones that I don't want. Finding the perfect purse is a life long pursuit I believe!

  8. I've been to that flea market before! It's only about 2 1/2 hours from where i grew up! Isn't it amazing! I also love going to the ohio extravaganza in the summer. It's the most amazing flea market ever. It lasts like 3 days and tons of people set up!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! Great deals at CVS....I need to get back to couponing, I have taken a couple of weeks off (though I have so much leftover from my great deals I've only had to run to stores for essentials like milk!)

  10. I don't really like flea markets but I can't say much cuz I haven't been to one in a long LONG time.

    The one you went to looked cool though & you got some good finds.

    I prefer thrift stores...they used to be my home-sweet-home in high school...actually just went to one earlier in the week. Pics are up now.

    Take care & happy shopping~

  11. Hi Queen,
    Just wanted to thank you for sending me the goodies I won on your bloggy giveaway. Can't wait for more ...:)) my daughter loved the soap too and my son even tried to take a bite out of it. thanks and happy clearance shopping

  12. i love traders world and all of their cool fake animals! i totally dig weird stuff like that! lol

    and $2 for mascara? Can't beat that!


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