Monday, July 27, 2009

Green glass...someone stop me before I go broke!


I'm back from my trip! I will post about it soon! I think I got caught up on everyone's blogs, if I didn't comment and I missed something important let me know! But I think I got to everyone! I'm so glad to be home! Anyways, On with the post!

So we all know I love to collect green glass...and I seriously do not think I have ever paid more than 2.99 for a piece of greenware......but it's seriously starting to get ridiculous! I need to steer clear of goodwills for a while. They just get me into green glass trouble!

I had a really strong will to not buy any green glass until I saw this :

The room I collect my green glass in, is green and blue that is why I display them all in that room. It matches so well! So when this one had a blue bottom I just had to! I didn't have a choice...Did I?2.99 and that color of the week was black so it was 50% off
so I got it for $1.50!
I really liked this one ^ not sure why!
But I just really liked the look of it!
.99 cents. Not so bad if I do say so myself!This one ^ was really hard to photograph!
It's green and it had flowers etched into it!
IT is so cute!
The bowl photographed much better this way....that is weird.
It was .99 cents and it was black so it was 50% off
so I got it for .50 cents!

Ok so that was way too much green glass. Im going to try to steer clear of green glass
for a little while. It might get me in trouble!

Happy shopping!


  1. Love the green and blue, I've seen those before...I'm thinking you got a really great deal on that!

  2. I love green glass! I think we were torn apart at birth, girl!

  3. goodwill has some fancy upc tags....;)

    hm...idk if i have any green glass. it is very pretty though, you're right!

  4. Such a great color! Great find Ms. Clearance!

  5. You are too funny!! You got awesome deals though so they are justifiable. :)

  6. Those are some great deals though! They are very cute too! What do you do with all your green glass?

  7. I love the top one.They were all great deals. Do we every get to see a pic of all your green glass displayed together that would be beautiful

  8. B-U-T . . . the prices are so awesome, how can you NOT buy?? Sooo pretty, and I bet your room is too!

    Come visit please, I need love comments!!!

  9. I can understand why you love green glass. My owner has some green drinking glasses she inherited from her grandmother and although they've got a very simple design, the colour really makes them pretty.

  10. OMG.. I found your blog through another blog and I am in awe of your thriftyness!! I am excited to hear more about your fun finds (and share some as well!)

    I don't have any green glass - I am not sure if I am a fan of it yet. BUT I definitely am intrigued.

  11. love these deals! green glass is totally awesome! :)

  12. I gave your blog a lovely award :) Check it out over at my Other Everyday Stuff blog!

  13. The green and blue glass dish is very nice and I'm sure it will look great in that room!

  14. I especially *heart* the blue and green glass piece. I probably would've bought it too. :)


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