Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ikea and more (The last of the Ohio Trip Posts)


Ive gotten some new followers lately! Welcome, and thanks for following my blog!
I appreciate it so much!

So who loves Ikea? Me for sure! I cannot wait to have a house and buy things from Ikea, but where we are now we already have too much furniture so I can't really buy anymore for now! Well, I made it threw the whole store without buying anything, until I saw the "AS IS" section. Did you know this exsisted???? I did not! I was so excited I practically skipped over there! Here is what I found!
Huge picture frame!
Not sure how big. I need to find a big enough wall space for it, and then a big enough picture to go in it. It is noramlly $25 (or so the internet says)
The only thing wrong with it is that the plastic wrapped was pulled partly off.
I got it for....
$4!!! I was so excited I had to buy it!
Now to find something to go in it!

we bought this...tea press (I think it what it is called)
from Ikea a little over a year ago. Tea presses are expensive.
When we saw this one for around $7 we were so excited and snapped it up.
Well everytime I poor hot water into ours I always feel like its going to shatter!
I guess because they are normally so expesive Im a little paraniod.
Well This was on the as is rack for $2.
It is missing the top plastic part that presses the tea but that is ok with me!
Because Im not afraid of our plastic getting broke, Im afraid of the glass!
So now, no more fears, if it breaks I have a back up!

moving on from Ikea I found this movie
at the half price book store for $3, that was so exciting!
I almost bought it for $5 the other day I wanted it so much!
This movie is just too cute.
Maybe not the best movie, but I like it a lot!
I love half price book store!I have been wanting a labeler for a while now, and yes this is the older type
and its not electronic but it will do for now...why?
Because I'm Cheap!
It was 9.99 and I got it for 1.99 on clearance!

So that wraps up the Ohio Trip! I got a lot of great deals!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing them over the last few weeks!
Hopefully next summer Me and the best friend will go on another trip and I will have
more to show you then!

Going to Michigan for the weekend!
Its going to be so nice to get away and be with my husband
and my parents.
Sadly this is not a clearance/ thrifting trip
So I won't have new stuff to show you when I get back
but I did tell my mom that a Sunday Morning CVS trip was still a must!
No updates or comment replies until I get back Monday!
Have a great weekend!

Happy Shopping!

up next?
I'm having a giveaway sooooon.
Stay tuned!


  1. You did great! 13 Going On 30 is hilarious. Who doesn't like the Thriller scene?! I can't believe the picture frame price. Fabulous. Good work queen of clearance!

  2. What great deals! I've never been to an Ikea, might have to stop next time I see one! Have a great trip!

  3. Congrats on the followers!

    Good deals...I'm going to post my Clearance stuff one of these days!!! I swear it.

    I want a labeler too!!! What a good deal you got on it.


  4. I like the movie Thirteen going on 30. It's so cute! My favorite part is the dance scene where they are doing their thang to "Thriller" LOL

    Great deals....once again!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend and a great trip! I've never been to Michigan, but I want to go :-)

  6. Another successful shopping trip! That tea press and picture frame was such a steal. I also cannot believe you got 13 Going on 30 for $3! I love that movie and think it is just the cutest. I think my favorite part is the Thriller dance.

    Have a great time in Michigan!

  7. As usual, great shopping! Wish we had an Ikea in Nashville (still can't believe we don't).

    Have a great weekend with your Hubby and family!!

  8. I can get lost in Ikea for hours. And bonus, the dude loves it too. I pick up an item or two for around the house and he's entertained for an afternoon. Win win!

  9. I have a weakness for picture frames. You did super great.The dymo for $1.99 was a great deal. We dont have a ikea around here. I have never been.

  10. Great deals. You crack me up. You may be the only person I know who is as cheap as I am!

  11. awesome deal finds girl. You make us all proud. Love the Ikea frame deal the most.

  12. Great finds! Can't believe that label maker for $1.99!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!✽


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