Monday, July 27, 2009

South Haven & CVS Deals!


So ready for a quick entry about my little vacation?

We went to South haven Michigan:

So pretty (click to look at the picture close up)My favorite things about South Haven Michigan:

The cutest little lighthouse ever!
(and my backside walking to it)The best Bed and Breakfast.
Go here to have a look around.
The best cappuccino muffins.
oh and the best quiche (I dont even like quiche thats how good it is)

Flip flops+ sunsets+ lake shore= Heaven!Chesters!
I got this bag ^ on our honeymoon.
I got this one this weekend:They aren't cheap and they aren't thrifty but I love them and have to have them!
I forced my mom to climb a shelf to reach this purse!
Love it!
Love chester bags!
Sherman's dairy bar!
Amazing homemade Ice cream.

alrighty, Thats it! We had a great time! I am glad to be home though! On to my CVS deals!

2- mini staplers
2- 2pack of pens
1- colgate total
2- composition notebooks.
1- eraser multipack
2- mini chocolates
1- pack of orbit gum
1- 10 count CVS tampons

for 1.14

2- note card holders
1- Elvis thank ya card (card says "thank ya....thank ya very much" and has a spot for a gift card)
Elvis card was in a 90% off basket by the checkout
1- eraser pencil topper pack

.37 cents

total:1.74 for both purchases!

up next?
Giveaway Aug 1st!


  1. Thank you! I've been on the hunt for a diaper backpack for when we take the dude to Disney and they have some really cute ones that are way more reasonably prices that what I've been looking at!

  2. You're at it again! Great deals!

    I love your bags. You might want to check out K.Mac Creations on my blog. She lives in the same area as I do and she makes some really really cute bags. You might like one! Tell her I sent ya over ;)

    I gave you an award :) You can go to my blog to check it out!

    Oh, and I won't tell you about the green glass candy dish I have, lol My bedroom is decorated in greens and I have it on one of my nightstands to use for loose change.

  3. First of all, next time you get those muffins pick one up for me okay? And next time you go to CVS take me with you okay?

    Hahha. The Queen of Clearance strikes again! Awesome work.

  4. love the pictures and the new blog look!

  5. You know how to work those CVS deals!

    And I love those bags, I am checking out that site right now...I need a good bag to carry some books and other entertaining things for when I sub!

  6. um, these are like the best deals i have ever seen. you truly are the queen of clearance, my dear. i wish i was so financially savvy! :D

  7. How fun! Your CVS deals are amazing!!! I don't know how you continually find these deals.

  8. the blog looks fantabulous!!!

  9. That sunset picture is gorgeous! Great shot! I need to get one of those index card holders. For some reason my friends and I have become obessed with loading them up with coupons for EVERYTHING!

  10. The sunset and flipflop pic just looks wonderful. It looks like it should be on a greeting card. Everything looks so fun and yummy. I still cant believe the great deal you get. wow

  11. The photos of your trip are wonderful and I love all of the beach pics! That ice cream looks delicious. I am glad that you had a nice time.

    I like the new bag. I will have to check out that Chester's site.

    I also cannot believe the deals you keep getting at CVS!


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