Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Deals.



I have been working on collecting the things for this project now for almost a year:
This is not such a great picture, but I got these boxes at goodwill for $1 for the big one and 50 cents for the small one. I remember taking them up to the counter and the women at the counter actually called her boss on me for switching tags because they were so cheap. The boss came out and said "Oh no, I just marked those, that is the right price" the girl at the counter sneered at me and said to her boos "Well why are they so cheap?" I was practically in tears at this point because of this women's accusing eyes, when I had done nothing wrong. "Oh, because they are all marked up with sharpies, We weren't sure any one would want them since they were drawn on." he apologized to me for the inconvenience and I was so upset by the time I walked out of there I wasn't sure the deal was worth it.....but now Im sure it was worth it because I love them!

So they were brown and had black permanent marker all over them like a child had colored on them. I took them home and spray painted them black, and now they are good as new. I have been looking for white and black things to go into the boxes ever since. I was having a really hard time. The first thing that I came across was this vase at Target:

It was 12.99, I waited and waited and it finally went on clearance. Then I waited and waited some more until it went 75% off. I nabbed it for 3.24. I was thrilled. Next came those little votive holders. Im still not sure I love them but they were two for a dollar at dollar tree so if i find something else to go in there I will only be out a dollar but I kind of like them so they will probably stay put for a while. The last thing I got just 2 weeks ago was this bird:

He is my fav! I had a hard time finding something small to go into the little box. I got it at hobby lobby. It was normally 6.99 and it was 50% off so I got it for 3.50 but then I had a 25% off coupon so I got it for about 2.60. I love it!


At normal price it would have cost me:

2 piece wall cubes: 19.99 (via
Votives: $1
Vase: 12.99
Bird: 6.99

Total: 40.97

My price:

large box: $1
small box: 50 cents
Votives: 2/$1
Vase: 3.24
Bird: 2.60

Total for wall decor: 8.34

So I saved : 32.63

Happy shopping!


  1. I LOVE the bird!!!! omg, I want one like it :-) And I love the votives! Great finds as always...can you move to Illinois and go shopping with me? ;-)

  2. Come here now and go shopping with me!!! Seriously. I need help.

  3. How c-u-t-e!! Love both. I'm so sorry for the ugly person who upset you when you were so excited about your deal. Some people shouldn't be allowed to work in public. You stay sweet and frugal; she's the one with the problem!

    Have a great day!!

  4. Love them! And I second what your other commenters said--move to Texas and go shopping with me! ;D

  5. Wow !!! You are the Queen !!! I am so upset about the goodwill incident. I don't know why people are so rude at times. I am glad you found the black and white things to fit in those darling boxes.

  6. Hi again Erin,
    I have an award for you!

  7. What an fantastic project!! Love that bird!!


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