Monday, May 25, 2009

DVDs are not thrify....

...but they can be!

I love DVDs. I like to see my DVD collection grow more than the next person. But spend $ way! So the I'm going to give you some tips that I follow to buying DVDs that do not break the bank!

Tip # 1.
Seriously. Cheap. Here are some of my fav movies that I just typed in to amazon search and how much they were:
1.Catch and Release: 1.86
2.Moulin Rouge: 2.46
3. Billy Madison: 2.28
4. Say anything: .98 (new!)
5.The break up: .78

Just some tips to go along with this tip: Most of the DVD's are used, Always read the comments from the seller because some will tell you what is wrong with the product they are selling, and also note that shipping is almost always $2.98 so add that in when deciding whether your purchase is worth the price you are paying.

Tip #2. Blockbuster.
This use to be a bad source of getting cheap used movies, but now I like it a lot! I just bought these two movies. Not such a great deal right? 9.99 each. What was I thinking? Actually right now if you buy 4 used movies at Blockbuster that are 9.99 or less you get them for $5 dollars each (4 for $20) So this actually comes out to a pretty good deal, especially when you get newer movies. Also Sunday and Monday you get $2 dollar off of all movies 3.99 and over. I like to go on Sunday and Monday and look through the bin for good 3.99 movies because then they are only 1.99 each! I have found some great movies this way!

Tip # 3. Goodwill.
Their movies range from 1.99-3.99 I seriously do not think I have seen them any more than 3.99 unless they are in the almighty glass case! If you get them on the right week they will be half off of that as well!

Tip # 4. Garage sells!
I have found lots of movies at garage sells! I do not buy them if they are over 3 dollars. It's just a rule I set for myself, but I have found some good dvds at garage sells but not frequently.

Tip #5. $5 dollar bins.
You will find $5 bins are walmart and 5.50 racks at target. A lot of times you can find your favorite older movies in there, and some really are not that old, but you might have to dig for them. Also recently I was at walmart and there was a $4 rack and it had shrek 3 in it and American Dreamz, and Cinderella man. I went back the next week and it was completely sold out, but I always keep a look out for its return!

Tip #6. NetFlix
Our house hold looooves netflix! We pay 14.99 a month (I think) for 3 dvds at a time. Along with this we can now watch over 5,000 movies directly to our tv(you have to have an xbox360 to do this)! We pretty much stopped going to the movies (which for the two of us to see one movie a month is almost $20) at the theater and just spend a fraction of the cost a month on netflix and we get to see a lot more movies!

Tip #7. RedBox
$1 per night rentals. We love this so much! We go to the grocery store and want to get a movie? Then we just swipe our debit car and rent a movie.

(I have found that number 6 and 7 has stopped us from buying as many dvds which is why I meantioned them.)

Tip # 8. The Library (Thanks Davidson connection!)
I forgot this free source of DVD watching. Go to your public library and check them out. There are actually quite a few new movies there, and a lot of great classic movies! They even have TV series on DVD. Just make sure you take it back on time so you don't rack up late fees!

Those are the guidelines I have came up with for Cheaper DVD buying(or watching them for cheaper). Do you have any ideas or guidelines? Share them with me! I'd be interested in hearing them!


  1. ebay is another good place to get a new movie cheap, but I pretty much stick to netflix. I only buy a movie now if it's something I really really like :-) great tips!

  2. Those are good tips. Another source of (free) movie-watching is the library--I haven't actually checked their selection, but people have told me that is where they go :) And you can't beat free!
    Btw, your last comment on my blog said "who is Sally?" and I puzzled all day over what you meant by that. :) Did you mean "who in the pictures is Sally?" or "tell me more about Sally", or something else entirely? I'm rather curious, and also happy to answer your q, once I know what you meant.

  3. You got it--and that's funny :) Sorry for confusing you. I guess we're confusing sorta people! ;D Thanks for the "chat"!

  4. is a good one too. I use it more for books though... but you definitely have to be careful if you buy books from there... I've ignored the seller's comments before and the books were not in good shape when I got them. But more often than not, they look great.

    I once bought 10 books for $24 including shipping. That was a good day.


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