Saturday, May 23, 2009

$1 flip flops!


So I went to Old navy this morning at 10am (when I thought they opened) but I guess for today they opened at 9am. So I get there and I walk through the doors, and then I turned about face and walked right out the doors.

My husband who dropped me off at the door was shocked to see me back in the car so fast with nothing in my hands. "What happened?" he asked. "The line was wrapped around the store to the very back of the store and then wrapped back around to the front", I said. Enough said. While I am a fan of saving money, I am also cautious of my own time. How much is my time worth compared to what I am saving?

Then my lovely husband says "Isn't there an Old Navy in the mall too?" Why yes, Yes there is! The mall looked empty and I practically skipped into the Old Navy. There was no one in line and there were maybe 10 other thrifty women like myself digging through boxes for flip flops! So I bring to you: My flip flops!

Ok so the reason I went early is (as you can probably tell from the picture) is because I wear a size 11 shoe (gasp!). I hate to admit it but it runs in the family. SO I got there early because the size 11's never stay long. Mostly because I think they get a limited amount of those anyways.

So You can only get 5 pairs per transaction. If you want more you have to wait in the line again. The 5 limit is ok by me because if i could get as many as I wanted I dont know where my limit would be. Im obsessed with flip flops.

Sadly I must admit that I also had my mom stationed at her local old navy and we were on the phone the whole time comparing sizes and colors. I got her the two colors( the ones standing up in the picture) in her size (brown and light yellow) and the bottom three are mine. She got me 2 blalck pairs and a white pair and then some for herself at her Old Navy, and where I had no wait she had to wait almost 30 minutes! We are having a memorial day cook out at her house so we will exchange pairs then!

So if your going to go, I am sure there are still plenty left, especially if you wear a smaller size than a 10 because they had boxes and boxes full of those. If you are an 11 good luck they did not have any boxes full of those I had to get them off the shelves. If you are a 10 the boxes of tens were pretty picked over! But good luck and let me know if you get any and let me know how crowed your old navy was because my mom's old navy and our old navy not in the mall were ridiculous. Good thing my town has two Old Navy's (but hey, thats not the first time I've said that).

Oh and here is how much I saved:
Total discount: 12.50! Yippy!

Happy shopping!


  1. There's an Old Navy flip flop commercial on TV right now! :) I love flip flops too, but we don't have an Old Navy here, and I don't feel like driving 20 minutes to buy a pair. And I have no patience for lines, so it's probably best I stay home :) But I'm glad you got some!

  2. You go, Girl!

    Hey I'm having a Giveaway - come on over and see what it is!!!

  3. I saw this! I am so sad we missed out! We were driving back from our vacation.

    I think the coffee cake would be great w/o almonds too. You could substitute some lemon extract for the almond extract also. Then you could have Blueberry Lemon Coffee Cake. :0)

  4. Hurray! I totally forgot they were having that sale which means I wasn't supposed to get more flipflops...but after seeing yours, I am regretting my forgetfulness!

  5. Can't go wrong with $1 flip flops. Wish I had known about this earlier, I would have purchased some for craft projects.


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