Friday, May 22, 2009

Pound Puppy Sheets.


So I love to go garage selling, but I pretty much refuse to go by myself. So my best friend (who lives out of town) and I try to get together at least 2 weekend a summer to hit garage sales. We just so happen to go a few weeks ago. We went to a dozen garage sells and while she found somethings I found nothing. I was so sad. On the way home I saw a garage sale and instinctively pulled over (even though we were suppose to be done for the day) and I found this!

Pound puppy sheets! Well actually 2 fitted twin sized sheets, 2 twin sized flat sheets, 2 pillow cases and a twin size comforter. I paid $3 dollars for it all. I thought it just had one flat sheet, one pillow case, one fitted sheet and the comforter so when I got home and saw I had twice what I thought this made this buy completely worth it for me.

When I bought them the lady informed me that She got them off a Ebay because she had to have them, but she grew tired of them so there they were for me to buy. I looked on Ebay and they sell for 14-50 dollars for just a sheet, or just a sheet set. I did not see anything with the amount of stuff I got for the $3. I cannot even tell you how much 2 of each plus a comforter would go for...and Frankly I don't want to know, because before I even looked on Ebay I turned it into this:
When I brought the set home I had no idea what I was going to do it. My husband (for once) actually loved the set and suggest I make a dog bed out of it! I was thrilled by the idea because we normally just stick random blankets in our dogs cage. (note to reader: Our dog's cage is his bed. We just leave it open and he lays in there when he is tired and he comes out when he wants to play or eat or whatever. but He loves his cage/bed) So I thought why not!

I pulled out my 2 year old, never been used, sewing machine and I made a bed. I didn't even measure his cage I just went for it. I'm not a planning type of person, but it fit perfectly. I was amazed. My dog loves it and he never gets out of his cage now. As I type this he is laying in there sleeping. We actually cant even get him to come out of it now, It is kind of ridiculous.

So My dog could possibly be laying on a bed worth $50. Now I am sure its worth nothing now. (hahahaha) but we know how cheap I am and the fact that he is sleeping on something that could have been $50 or more...makes me a little ill!

Oh and they sheets are vintage from 1985. They are a year older than me!

Anyways...Go garage selling, find some good deals, let me know about them! I'd be interested in hearing about it!

Happy shopping!

P.S. Saturday is $1 Flip flop day at Old Navy!!!
go stock up! I know I will be there first thing in the morning!


  1. awwww, that is so cute! and your dog is adorable :-) I loved pound puppies when I was kid!!! I just told my old age too by saying that :-( very good idea and so cute.

  2. Pound puppies . . . wow, there's a blast from the past!

    And your dog is soooooo cute lying on his (or her) new bed. Aren't they funny little creatures? Our dogs - not your sheets!

    If you wanna see some clearance pricing, come on over and visit me! I'm embarking on a brand new adventure!!!!

  3. You know, I don't think I really remember Pound Puppies. I feel like I should, but I don't think I was ever that into it. Hm. I freaking love garage sales though... I need someone to go to them with me this summer. Michael will probably go, but I know he won't have as much fun as I will.

    Do you know what my favorite cartoon was when I was little? Popples!!! They were awesome!

    Good job on the dog bed, too. Looks cute.

  4. I'm just wondering if you cut up the comforter portion for the bed? My sister had it as a baby but her friend threw it out accidentally when she moved and I'm trying to find a replacement for it. Please email me if you do still have it and are willing to sell!


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