Friday, May 29, 2009

Clearance Friday!


So today was a slow day for clearance but I do have a few current clearance deals for you to check out if you are interested.

1. Old navy's clearance is 50% off the lowest ticket price. This makes for some great deals. I got a few good deals and will be posting it soon! It started today, and the sales guy told me it goes for the whole weekend.

2. Target had great clearance (at mine at least) right now on jewelry. Im not a jewlery type of girl, I think less in more. I wear my diamond stud earrings and my wedding bands everyday and that is all. But if you do like jewlery there are so great prices right now. If yours are not cheap right now, just keep a look out for them to drop. Most of the peices were 1.99-3.99 on clearance!

3. Another deal at Target (or at least mine, check yours out and let me know) their dollar section is 50% right now. I got some great scrapbooking stuff there today. I held off a little bit because I noticed on the sign that the 50% was valid until sunday, which means monday morning it will be 75% off. So monday morning I will be there for 25 cent scrapbokking crafts!

I will post all my pics from those deals soon! but for now I will show you the deals I got last week!
Glue! Every good crafter needs glue! orignially 1.99 I got it for .49 cents at target.

My mom loves these socks, so when I saw them on clearance I had to get them for her! They were 5.99 I got them for 1.48 at target (you can see prices more close up if you click the pictures it enlarges them).

Ah ha! This is the best deal! These are stamps. If you click on the piture you can see what they say close up. They are basically for making cards (Which I am going to start making all of my own cards), They say happy brithday, happy father's day...and every other holiday. They were at Joann's Fabric store. They were on clearnce from 9.99 to 3.99 and I thought why not? That is cheap right? So I took it up to the counter and she rung it up for 1.99! I was so excited I practically skipped out to my car!

That is all for now! More soon!

Happy shopping!


  1. You are the queen of deals!

  2. I like the stamps! I have a newfound obsession with rubber stamps. Michaels has cute ones in their dollar bins too.


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