Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I didn't mean to......it just happened.

Only 3 more day to sign up for both of my giveaways! If you haven't done so yet make your way to these post (links below) and sign up!

HERE is my personal giveaway of Steven King books, Cute cupcake box, and more. and HERE is a giveaway to the new Sonic Spinbrush, 2 of you lucky readers can each win one!

Yes, It's true. My addiction to green glass has drove me to buy more of it.....not only that, but I also bought blue glass this time!

All the following finds are from my local Goodwill!

So first for the green glass:
top view ^
side view ^
.99 centsThis blue vase was hard to take a picture of, but it has bumps on it (kind of)
it is super cute!
.99 cents

cute red purse! I don't wear read...nothing in my closet is red.
I fee like this purse will inspire me to want to wear red!
What is that in the top right corner there?Shhhh...it's my secret Edward poster.
I knew my husband would not like to have Edward on his wall,
So I put it on the back of the door and he went 6 months with out seeing it!
but he finally caught me!
Oh well....Edward's not going anywhere :)

Cute skirt!
It needed to be lint brushed, but I just didn't feel like it, so please ignore the lint and fuzzies that are on the skirt!

50% color of the week

Great deals!

Don't forget for the rest of this month, any great deal that you find and post about on your blog, send me a link in an email to my email address: emcclana@gmail with the subject title : "Look at My great deal!" and I will compile this month's entry and post the entry on my blog Sept. 1st. If this goes well and everyone likes it and we get people to participate I will try to make this a monthly thing! I think it will be fun!

Please limit your self to no more than 3 post per blog for the whoel month. Some of you are very thrifty and you find stuff everyday (like me) and I don't want it to be the longest post ever! So limit yourself to three of your best post for this month, and you can send them to me all the way up until Aug. 28th!

I look forward to see your great deals!

Happy Shopping!


  1. where did you get that red purse???!!!! I so love it!

  2. Cute stuff, and I am really liking that blue glass! Love the Edward poster too!

  3. I think you have green glass radar!

  4. Oh, great goodies. I just found your blog and tried to follow but blogger is going wacky tonight. I will stop back!

  5. I love the blue glass. I just showed my husband your Edward poster and said but she has one. lol So we will see what happens with that. Super fantastic finds

  6. First of all, great post as usual. You and your deals! Second of all - I couldn't wait to write to you today (Wednesday) It is triple coupon week at my grocery store. I spent $9.10 this morning and saved $11.40! I stocked up on pantry items. I kept thinking of you for some reason! Ha. Saving money is so awesome.

  7. really like the blue glass!! have never seen that kind!

  8. I love the green glass and the new skirt! You got some more fabulous deals. I cannot believe that hubby didn't notice the poster for 6 months...lol!

  9. I just found your website. Love it! And I love Edward too...


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