Monday, August 10, 2009

CVS deals and more.


So, please please please (do I need to beg?) go sign up for either of my two giveaways going on right now if you already haven't!

HERE is my personal giveaway of Steven King books, Cute cupcake box, and more. and HERE is a giveaway to the new Sonic Spinbrush, 2 of you lucky readers can each win one!

Also,  my blogging friend Mara at Baking Momma & Jr. Chef suggested that I make a post of your clearance, thrifty, or bargain deals and compiled  them into one entry and then you all can go and check out each others great deals and get inspired to save money!

So for the rest of this month, any great deals that you find and post about on your blog, send me a link in and email to my email address: emcclana@gmail with the subject title : "Look at My great deal!" and I will compile this month's entry and post the entry on my blog Sept. 1st. If this goes well and everyone likes it and we get people to participate I will try to make this a monthly thing! I think it will be fun!

Please limit your self to no more than 3 post per blog for the whole month. Some of you are very thrifty and you find stuff everyday (like me) and I don't want it to be the longest post ever! So limit yourself to three of your best post for this month, and you can send them to me all the way up until Aug. 28th!

I look forward to see your great deals!

These are the CVS deals I got this Sunday! As always if you want to try to figure out the CVS deals I suggest the blog that helped me out, and you can find it HERE. If you need any extra help after that, shoot me a email and I will try my best to help you out!

1- Absolutely Divine Chocolate bar (it really was Divine...yum)
2- Gold emblem Candies
1- Revlon Foundation
1- 4 pack of sharpie Highlighters

I have a receipt to show you...but it would not make any sense because the lady messed it up and then had to refund me money and then messed it up again and refunded me more money. By the time I left I was so confused. I got out to my car and went home in a daze of confusion. When I got home I realized she only charged me .29 cents for all of the above.
It should have been about a dollar though, So I'm not really sure what she did.
Basically the foundation was 9.99 with 9.99 in EBCs making it free.
I had a dollar off coupon though so it was a dollar money maker for the foundation.
The candy was 1.98 with a dollar off coupon making it .99 cents
The highlighters are .99 this week.
There is a coupon HERE for a dollar off making this a .01 cent money maker.
(you can do the highlighter deal with out any EBCS, so its easy for everyone to do!)

Have a great rest of the week!

Happy Shopping!


  1. great deals as always!

  2. $0.29? You go girl! I'm going to head on over to the site you gave and see if I can learn how to snag some free (or almost free) stuff at CVS.

    I can't wait to read all about the deals others send in. I think it's a great idea.

  3. Holy cow! Great work! Have a good week my friend.

  4. It sounds like the mistake worked out in your favor, even though it still would have been super cheap. Good job! I could go for some candy right now.

    I look forward to seeing the deals that other people get!

  5. I wish you could be my personal grocery shopper. I'm good about hunting for fashion deals but food...not so much.

  6. great deals as always!!!

    btw: i used to work @ cvs! :)

  7. great deals and i love cow tails mmmm.I posted both of your giveaways.

  8. Great deals! I could definitely use the candy bar ;)

  9. thank you so much for the tips! LOVE candy! mmmmmm...! =D


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