Friday, May 15, 2009

Clearance trip round up!

First I want to thank My net finds (Kathie) for this Coupon! I cannot wait to use it tomorrow at my local Bath and Body works!
Ok, So it has been a few days! I've been busy, but mostly the long delay was due to the fact that I lost my digital camera. This was very devastating for me :) I found it a few seconds ago though, So I am excited to post everything new that I have found lately!

I got these 4/$1
They are currently at Walmart. If you have a weird thing (like me) for not letting your food touch each other than these plates are awesome! I love them so much already! I might go get more!

This wallet was my favorite find! I have one just like it. (It is originally from target)
My brother bought it for me for christmas. They typically go for 9.99-12.99. The one he bought me is lime green (love lime green). I want one in every color, but I'm cheap so that is not going to happen! I went to good will and There this yellow one was! I was so excited. I snatched it up and opened it up to check out the price. 2.99! Yay! So I was walking up to the counter with it and I saw the color was red for the week. What are the odds of my clutch being red? I have no idea but it was! So I got it for 1.50! Go me!
The inside of it.
I am not sure what this top was originally, but it was on clearance for $5. I am not too proud of this purchase, I wish I could have gotten it cheaper, but I loved the color so much! I am going back to check on them and see if they drop to $3. If they do, I am buying more. They are soft and the trim around the neck is cute and keep it from being just a plain shirt! I love it! Go check your local Walmart for them!
The tablecloth and glasses were already mine. The salt and pepper shakers are from a previous post, when I refurbished them! The placemats and napkins are my latest find on my trip to Walmart! I got two cloth napkin and to cloth placemats for $1. By far the best deal of the day! I love them!
Three baby Onesies! I've been keeping my eyes on these! My friend is having a baby girl! I am excited for her! I wish it were me! But all good things come to those who wait! So I will wait...for now! Anyways...These were 3 in a pack for 9.99. I got them for 2.49. Deal!

see the bib next to the baby onesies? Its pink with while bubble like polka dots on it. I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of it, but you can sorta see it in the picture above this one. It was 2.99 and I got it for 74 cents. It is so cute! Don't think I am too cheap! I did buy her a real present too. I just like to had my little deals to gifts I buy to add a little something extra!
I loooove these! They are called "Bobby slides" Kind of like bobby pins(which I use too much and love) but they are actually sooo much better! They are colorful and the hold more hair and stay in place better! I have been wanting these so when I saw them on clearance for 3.49 I had to stop myself. Good thing I did since I got it for 1.98 this time! normally 3.99. I was pleased with this deal as well!For me make up is a luxury. I don't need it. I don't think anyone NEEDS it, lots of women would beg to differ, but for me it is not a need, it is a want. A long time ago I made a pact that I would not buy makeup unless I found it on clearance or a great deal. I ran out of foundation last week, and it killed me. I can live without eyes shadow, blush, mascara, but foundation is something I do like to put on everyday. So for a week I was unhappy, then I stumbled a crossed this deal at target! Foundation and it matched my skin color! yay! It was normally 11.99 and I got it for 2.98. That makes me feel like going a week without foundation was worth it...almost :)
Last but not least! Usb(Flash) Drive! My husband was just talking about how he lost all of his. yes we have like 5 because his work is with computers and he needs these little guys a lot and he looses them a lot, and I find them often behind the couch, in the washer, on the floor, in the kitchen cabinet, so when I saw this one for $3 I really wanted to buy it but I am glad I waited. Because this trip it was 1.74! Yippy! He was very happy with this find!
Go check out your local target. They just reduced a lot of things at mine. Maybe they reduced them at yours as well!

Happy shopping!


  1. Excellent deals as always, you know how to find them! :-) I have a wallet like that too :-)

  2. Cute stuff! I like those bobby sliders... But I'm not a super colorful girl, so if I could find them in black or brown I'd be much happier :)

  3. Whew hoo! You've found some great deals! I never buy full price. Well, almost never. Every once in a while I see something I can't live without and well, groceries and those kinds of things are full price, but other stuff... no way!

    You asked me my opinion of GW vs SA. I have been to both. I think if you have time (the big catch), SA has the best prices on Wednesdays which is half price day. There is only one tag color that isn't half price and that is the new stuff coming into the store.
    Also, every day ONE COLOR tag (the oldest) is half price.

    GW, however, is broken up nicely & they seem to have more housewares. Our SA is AWESOME as all of the stuff comes from the city, is organized by size and then color, and we don't have a lot of people who know brands in our town, so it is easy to snatch up the good stuff. That is if you care about brands. LOL!

    GW doesn't have a store in our town, so I've been to the one in my mom's town and they used to be better, I think. They had a $.25 rack there. I LOVED that. We don't have that at our SA. I got a pink, cashmere hoodie sweater for $.25. It was awesome. I don't like their basic breakdown list of prices though. If it is boys pants it is a certain price, etc. At SA price depends on the condition and time it has been in the store.

    No matter what, I think if you are picky enough, you can get some great deals at those stores. I don't want to fill my house with junk just because it was cheap though, so I have to be careful because that is easy to do.

  4. PS... thanks for following my blog and for leaving comments! I love that! I woke up this moring to your nice words. Made my day already!

  5. I will soon, I promise. I haven't been doing anything real crafty lately though, but I'll try to come up with something fairly interesting to post.

  6. I gotta say, you are just good! It's inspiring :)


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