Thursday, October 1, 2009

Walmart Clearance.....Wait until you see this!


Am I a fan of Walmart....noooo.
Do I sometimes get forced to shop there...yeeeesss.
This time did I find some of the most amazing clearance ever...YEEEESSSS!
Check it out:

Queen size comforter normally $19 dollars. I got it for $9
Pillow and throw set: normally $10. Got it for $3. They are so soft!

I needed a reeeally small desk because our office is a really small room and we already have my husband's desk in there. We are sort of selfish and don't like to share our space, So I have been looking for a desk for myself for a while. Well I found this:
Close closely is can be used as a desk:

was $35 dollars. Got it for $10. I'll show you it once I get it all pretty and put together!

Here are even more deals I got there!

1 dove bar: .64 cents.----Free after coupon
1- Yoplait whipped Yougurt---- Free after coupon
4 rolls of white out tape was 1.24 each---- .30 cents on clearance.
Geometry Set (needed it for class)- was $3---- 1.50 on clearance
2 complete meals- 1.99 each---- Buy one got one free with coupon
3 packs of lead- 1.14 each---- .54 cents on clearance
1- 4 pack of Yoplait delights $2---- Free after coupon
Glade candle- $3---- Free after coupon
Magic Erasers- 1.97----.97 cents after coupon

I got all of this stuff for 29.56!

It was $88 normally So I saved over $50!

Makes me happy!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow! impressive saving once more!!

  2. and that's why I shop at Walmart :-) it's a love/hate relationship for most people, including me!

  3. Great deal! I like the green comforter. My bedroom is done is sage green :) I can't wait to see your desk once you get it put together and all prettied up!

  4. ohhhhhh....awesome!!! I love the pillow and throw set...and the price even better! :) Fantastic! Great deal on the desk too!

  5. That looks like it'll make such a great desk for a small space. You did really well!

  6. I am with you all the way with the clearance shopping! I can't believe you got all that for so cheap:) I always look at what I saved, makes me feel soooo much better for spending the money! Happy day!

  7. I totally need to force myself to go there more!

  8. I'm not a big Wal*Mart fan either, but you can definitely find some good deals from time to time. I'm more of a Target girl. I cannot believe that you got all of those things for under $30. I don't know how you do have a knack for it!

    P.S. I left you an award on my blog!

  9. That is fantastic. I love Wal Mart's prices and to find clearance is like a super bonus! The comforter is a great color.

  10. Wow, you did great. I love Walmart. I go food shopping there every Monday.

  11. Oh, wow...definitely some good deals. I can't belive you got all that for under $$30!!

  12. Hey girl!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I think we were meant to be scarf swap partners because I love me a good deal too. And WalMart has gotten much better with their products....but I still hate going there. I am putting your scarf in the mail today. I meant to do it yesterday but I had to take my little boy to the doctor for the 3rd time in a week!!! :( Hope you like it...I love it! You and your blog are too cute!

  13. Don't forget to check out the AllYou magazine - they have $2 off coupons on the Hormel Completes which makes them free and $2 off coupons on Hormel ChiliMaster Chili which makes them .50


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