Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Blogging friends!


So I am back from my little Vacation! We went to Gatlinburg Tennessee. As always we know it is going to take me a couple of days to get around and catch up on all of your blogs, but It was a lot of fun....and really rainy on our vaca! I have some great pictures and some great clearance buys and such to show you (soon...I promise!) but for today I want to talk about something different...

So we all know I have great blogging friends and I gush about them all the time! Right? So this will be no different! I opened up a package today that I got in the mail and this is what I saw:

Isn't that card just too cute! I love it. Also, The green vase on the left, I almost actually purchased it today but was already spending too much money and decided to wait and see if I could get it on a half off day! And then here it is! Too awesome! I love both of these pieces of green glass! They are just too cute and will look great in my collection!

So who gave them to me?

The Oklahoma Guerra!

She is so super sweet to do something that nice for me! So unexpected and so kind! Thanks to her for these amazing treasures!

Check out her blog if you have time. She updates frequently and always has something exciting going on in her life!

Have you done something nice for some one recently? Something that they didn't expect from you? Tell us about it in the comments section! I'd love to read abut your random acts of kindness!


  1. Beautiful green glass, what a sweet thing to do! Have a blessed day!

  2. Your vacation spot was sort of near me! Same state anyway! Love Gatlinburg!

  3. Welcome home!! Hop you had a wonderful time on your trip :) How sweet to come home to such great gifts, one you really wanted at that! The card is darling too :)

  4. awwwww, what a sweet bloggy friend :-)

  5. I love green glass. The vase is very pretty.
    As for random acts of kindness: we decided to donate books we bought but didn't like enough to reread in the future to the library of the clinic where a friend of ours works. Just donated our first stack a couple of weeks ago and happy to give the books a new home and hope people will love reading them.

  6. I was just there over labor day! Did you happen to hit up the Christmas Place?? My favorite store in Pigeon Forge!

  7. Lovely. Bloggy friends rock and so do you!

  8. Green Glass! Green Glass! I am so happy for you:)

    I would like to tell the story of a blog-buddy who went on her buddy's etsy store and bought a super-cute owl from her. Her blog-buddy was so excited to have a sale! And so thrilled to pieces that she was sending one of her buddies a treasure. Thanks Erin, YOU are a great blog-buddy and every single comment from you makes me smile.
    Hugs, Sonya

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in my state! Gatlinburg is a beautiful place. Maybe next time you visit we can get together? Did you know I'm about 2 hours from Gatlinburg?!

    How nice of your bloggy buddy to send those pieces of green glass to you! I can't look at that stuff anymore without thinking of you, LOL I'd buy it all up and send it your way if I was rich :)

  10. I always see fun stuff and think to myself.. OH the clearance queen would soooo love that!!!!

    LOL.. too much fun!

  11. I'm sorry it was rainy, but I'm glad that you got to get away for a few days! That was so sweet of your bloggy friend to send you some of your favorite green glass!! I really like both pieces. It is amazing the wonderful people that you "meet" through blogging.

  12. Come see my post! I mentioned you!!


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