Sunday, October 11, 2009

some sad news... won a contest!!! & I have another super blogging friend!


I know I tend to keep my blog happy and fun.....but to start this entry I must be a debbie downer. One of my best friends is going through some tough stuff right now. Her grandma had a stroke. They are not sure if she will make it through the night or not. This friend of mine is one of the best grand daughters I know, and she is always there to help her grandparents out. She is a nurse and pretty much told me that this type of stroke it not good and will mostly likely lead to her grandmother passing away. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We all know that I talk about my grandmas frequently and how much they mean to me, and how heart broken I would be if I were in her spot at the moment. So please keep her and her family in your thoughts as you go through your day. It would mean a lot to me.

alright on to some not so serious things.

Things have been so busy lately! I keep getting amazing things in the mail, and I feel so blessed! My Blogging friend Eve @Through Eve's looking glass. was holding a contest/ giveaway of sorts! You just had to shoot her some ideas on what she could do as artwork! Did I win? Not really :) I came in second! But she still gave me a prize...or should I say a box of prizes!
Here is what I got:

A picture frame that Eve made! It is very cute! It has jewels and a cute quote that says "Dare to dream" It even came with a cute barbie picture already in it! I also got 2 bath fizzes, a stamp that says "there can only be one queen and I'm it", sticky notes that say where, what,when and why, a drama queen magnet, a hello kitty note pad (looove hello kitty), a set of strawberry coasters, and a very sweet card from Eve!

Also not pictures is some lip gloss she also got me! It is the best! It smells yummy and it looks great on my lips! but sadly when I opened her box all of the stuff fell to the floor so I didn't find the lip gloss until days later under the kitchen table. lol. so that is why it is not pictured! But I did find it and I love it!

Thank you so much Eve! Please feel free to check out her blog, I linked it at the beginning of this post! She is very sweet, always replies to comments, and takes the best random cell phone pictures of anyone I know!

Thanks EVE!!!!!!

Ok, on to the other gift I received in the mail. It is from Carien over at the blog: The Life and Travels of Sullivan McPig. they had posted an post a while back with some yummy looking candy in it! I told them I want some and she was sweet enough to agree to send me some! I in return am sending them some things in the mail! I cannot wait to see if they like what I am sending them! I will share it with you all once they recieve their package!

This is what I got:

ekkk!! the post office sent along a very long note saying how sorry they were that my package was DESTROYED! So sweet of I was a little upset because I was afraid that some of my things might have fallen out and been lost. Or perhaphs it was a hungry postal worker who could smell this amazing candy threw the package and just tore it open because they couldnt wait another hour for their lunch break. Either way...I forgive the post office....but dont let it happen again...oK? :)

candy! I taste tested these first. They are extremely different from anything I have ever tasted. Im not sure exactly what they are....carien? care to share?

This was my favorite! Oh my! I don't know how I have lived with out this little bar of heaven! I might have to find out how to bulk ship these to my door :)

Im pretty sure it was these guys that sparked my "I must have these!" on Their blog! I was right too! These are super super yummy! I'm not sharing these with the husband...or anyone else for that matter :)
The chocolate lollipops are to die for. The frog/ mouse were right up there with the cappocino chocolate. They are super yummy! And then drop toffee are those little guys....I did not like them at first, but now I love them. they took a second to get use too!

Thank you so much Carien and Sullivan! Was anything missing from the package? Did the postal working swipe some of my treats?

I love my blogging friends very much! I know I say that a lot but you all are just too kind to me!

Have a great day!


  1. You make it SO easy to be friends with ;) I'm happy you got a big ole destroyed bag of chocolate! I'm so sorry about Kristen's grandma. I'm praying....

  2. Egh.... I should have packed it better...
    I notice at least 2 things missing. There was also a small bag of peppermint candy and another piece of liquorice. Well, you're getting those another time then together with more cappuccino chocolate ;-)
    The first (Heksehyl) is a kind of black liquorice ( filled with Salmiak (another kind of liquorice) (
    and it's eaten a lot here in the Netherlands.

    On another note: Sorry to hear about your friends grandmother. They will be in our thoughts

  3. ps: was the card still in there at least or did that get lost as well?

  4. Hi Queen- I am really sorry to hear about your friend and will keep her in my thoughts.

    In response to your nice post about my package...YAY, you like the stuff I sent you! And yes, you were a winner...the 2nd winner. ^_^ OMG I guess Carien and me have either bad packaging skills or the PO screws things up. YIKES that everything fell on the ground and BOOO about Carien's package (well, that it was open).

    Carien sent me the same liquorice as you and I never had it before and quite enjoyed it. I even gave some to fam/friends and they liked it too. Maybe it's an acciqured taste...because I actually don't like black liquorice (USA kind). Odd, hm?

    It's really nice having you as a blogging bud too. You're post was very are you.

    Take care & since you know CVS so well, you just might get Part 1 of my giveaway right. That was a hint. ;) (I'll be taking pics & doing part 1 very soon!)


  5. I believe in the power of prayer, I will keep your friend and her Grandmother in my prayers. Lucky you to get all those goodies:) So, all you have to say is "I want some, too"? I love my blogging friends and I can't imagine never getting to know you and others:) Sweet friends we have never met and love just the same. Have a blessed day!

  6. Keeping your friend's family in my thoughts and prayers! Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile, it has been a long few weeks! Probably will be in and out until I get my schedule straightened out and into routine!

  7. Congrats on all the winnings/gifts! So much fun stuff! :) Your friend's family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I will keep Kristen's grandmother in my thoughts and prayers. You are a special person to put other people's needs first. These blogs become so personal and I sometimes wonder if I share too much. Our classroom gerbil died Friday afternoon after a student stepped on her by accident. The whole class (myself included) spent the afternoon crying. It was shocking and horrible. I was going to mention it in my blog, but I thought it would be a downer. I think you're proving that the community of thrifting bloggers is a tight-knit group that understands. Rosie was just a gerbil. I can't imagine what Kristen is going through right now.
    I'm glad to see some goodies come your way. You are such a positive person. You deserve all the goodness that comes back to you.
    All the best,
    - The other Erin

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's grandmother. They are in my thoughts!

    To have a friend you have to be a good friend first and you do that! That's why you have good bloggy friends :-)

  10. Oh my goodness, I gained five lbs just reading this post!!! hehehe!

  11. What a fun package!! So sorry to hear about your friend. My grandma had a stroke nearly a year ago, and it changed all our lives. I'll be thinking about your friend and hoping it all works out for the best.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends family member!

  13. I'm sorry about your friend's Grandmother. It looks like you got some great stuff.

  14. Hey there, me again.
    On a happier note, I've set up a contest on my blog today. I'd love for you and all of your followers to know about it. Would you be able to give it a mention?
    Big cheers!

  15. I am so sorry about your friends G'ma, will keep them all in our prayers.

    And HELLLLOOOOO chocolate!

  16. I will certainly keep your friend and her grandma in my thoughts and prayers.

    You received some wonderful surprises in the mail. The queen stamp and magnet sound perfect for you! The candy also sounds very unique and delicious. I love getting fun mail like that :)

  17. Definitely will be keeping your friend, her grandma, and family in my thoughts and in prayer.

    Yay for being a winner and also for that wonderful looking bag of goodies! Great stuff!

  18. That's some seriously good loot. Woop woop for bloggy friends!

  19. i'm so sorry about your friend's situation :( sending good vibes your way!

    ps..the goodies you got look DELISH! haha


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