Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodwill tripping...

My goodwill trips are starting to get all backed up! So I am going to post a lot in one post! Don't think I got these all in one trip! I mean I am thrifty...but most of the time Im a little thrifty at a time! Remember I only get 20 dollars a week to shop on! That includes if I want a drink at school, or if I want to catch lunch with a friend!

Oh and before we get started a lot of you have been asking about school! School is going great! I am super busy, and things a really hectic most of the time. I started student teaching last week. So far I love the teacher I work with and I love the class. They are too cute! It just reminded me why I wanted to be a teacher. Sometimes I forget, but stepping in that classroom was a good reminder of what I am working so hard to get to!

So on to the Goodwill finds!
I found this green glass vase/bowl. It was too cute and it matched those mini glasses I got a while back if you remember!
I was a 1.99 and that was the color of the week, so I got it for .99 cents!
Snow man! Isn't he cute!? I love getting christmas decoration for cheap at goodwill!
It was .99 cents but it was black too! So it was only .49 cents!
I got this one on a different trip! I love it! It is so 70s vintage and cute!
It's going to hold paper clips or something like that!
It was .99 cent. I didn't get it half off :) But I love it!I got Austin Power and Stranger than Fiction on DVDThey were 2.99 each. They were half off so I got them both for 2.99! 1.50 each is a good deal I think! I can't wait to watch them. I haven't seen the Austin powers one is a loooong time.
Ok...Why did I get this apple? I have no idea. It was lime green and perfect and new!
I actually found a place to sit it and I looove it there, but I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I got it!it was .99 cent and it was half off so it was .49 cents!

Alright that is it!

Happy Shopping!


  1. cute finds as always!

    how did I miss that you are studying to become a teacher?!?! wow! Well, I hope none of my comments regarding my own experience regarding teaching have offended you!

  2. Glad to hear school is going well. I love the snowman!

  3. This was a good post BUT I know a better one you can do. You KNOW what I'm talking about. It will break away from the clearance stuff for just a'll only take a second. People can wait on the Goodwill stuff. Well, don't you think so?

    Ta ta~your blogging friend, eve

  4. i LOVE the cute little bowl with the green flowers! i love vintage type stuff like that! :D

  5. I just said to my Daughter last night, wonder where my friend "Queen of Clearance" is? So... I am glad you are OK. Isn't if funny how blogging brings us all sooo close to each other? I am thankful that I started blogging and that blogging led me to be your friend! Teachers are Angels without wings and I can really see you at the front of a classroom:) I have a feeling I know what Eve is talking about:) Come on.... Love to all and have a blessed day.

  6. The apple is cool! Be careful that no one tries to take a bite out of it!

  7. Ahhh, more wonderful finds and great buys! And I LOVE that apple!!!! It is my favorite thing you got, lol!

  8. I love your paper clip holder!! I think I might have to visit Goodwill today. :)

  9. You always find the most awesome things and deals! I get so excited seeing them. Love it all!

    That's awesome you're enjoying school and that the student teaching is going well. What grade are you teaching right now?

  10. Love the greens! Thanks Erin,for your comments over on my blog. I do love reading here! As for the owl, wait 'til you see the little cast iron owl trivets I bought from Dime Store Thrift's etsy store :) She still had some left a couple weeks ago at $6 a pop incl shipping.

  11. Love the new blog look! That 70's jar is just too cute. You really got some great deals

  12. I'm glad your school is going great . All of these items are wonderful & fantastic deals too. The shirts in the last post were really great bargins also. ;~)

  13. Good luck student teaching. I remember feeling so totally overwelmed, but it definitely gets better!

  14. First, I am so happy that school is going so well for you. It must be nice to get a feel of what it will really be like when you're done. I also have to give you credit for making that $20/week last. That is really good budgeting on your part :)

    I love your Goodwill finds, especially the new green glass to match the kind that you already have and the cup with the green flowers. That sounds like it will make a nice desk accessory.

  15. That apple is so fun! And I love the little 70s pottery pot, gorgeous!!


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