Sunday, September 20, 2009

VERY BIG OPPS! and Sneak attack: Halloween Decorations!


So, something happened last night and my very secret 100th blog giveaway was revealed....about a week early! I'm not sure what blogger did! It says the correct date of Sept 25th...but it went out yesterday...which is NOT Sept. 25th!!! If you signed up worries your comments are still there, and I guess you got a free sneak peek! geesh. But I reset it for the 25th and it will be back up then! Sorry for any confusion...I hate blogger this morning and it started my Sunday on a very bad note.

Also I drew a number using today for my Yoplait Delight giveaway! This winner was number 34! Jules from Chic & Pink! Congrats to the winner! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the giveaway! Remember I have another giveaway open HERE for a 18X24 poster print of any photo you would like! It is a totally FREE giveaway brought to you by Please sign up for it! That giveaway ends Sept. 25th! Also my 100th post giveaway starts up Sept 25th (sorry about the confusion on that!) plus another new giveaway coming soon!

Ok so anyways.... all of my blogging friends have been posting about their Halloween decorations. When I mentioned putting out our decorations already, the hubby was not too pleased. "Shouldn't you at least wait until October gets here?" he asked. I thought he probably had a point but I just couldn't wait anymore. So I did a little sneak attack!

I decided that I woukd put out one Halloween/Fall decoration and day and see when exactly the husband would notice!

Day 1:

Pumpkin soap in the bathroom...I knew he wouldn't notice this one!

Day 2:
Little wooden Pumpkin placed next to the soap...still didn't notice.

Day 3:
This blanket is so bright plus it is on the couch, he had to notice it right? Nope.

Day 4:
Candle display on the coffee table....still didn't notice.

Day 5:
Fake Jack O Latern candle on the ledge dividing our kitchen and dining room. He had to notice this right? It lights up! nope...still didn't notice!

Day 6:
Someone in our family made this for my mom and she passed it on to me. I hung this in the window. Did he
So I was brave this day and added this too:

I put it in the window ledge...he didnt notice this either. lol.

Day 7:

Added this wooden pumpkin to the top of our DVD rack.
This orange candle with cute topper to our coffee table.
This glass pumpkin to the coffee table too!

He had to notice all of this right!!!???

Day 8:
This bat glass candle holder next to the TV
Wooden blocks that spell halloween!

Jack O Latern that lights up!
These are from our camper when I was a kid. We would go camping and hang these on our camper at Halloween time. I begged my dad for these last year and he finally let me have them! They are so nosolgic for me.This is what they look like close up!

Did the husband notice? YES! Finally!

We had a really big laugh over how I snuck all of these out and he never noticed! It was fun for me, and brought a smile to my face every day to put something new out and have him not even see it! Too funny!

Have you put your Halloween decorations up yet?

Happy Decorating!


  1. im going to decorate my desk at work today to keep me busy since nobody ever comes in on sundays :) love those pumpkin lights!


  2. Too funny! Very observant husband you have there! LOL I love all of your Halloween decorations! I need to post about mine. They have been out for a few weeks now ;)

    I was wondering what was going on w/your blog. I saw there was a new post, but I couldn't read it. Hmm....must have been while you were working on it. Oh well....I'll be back on the 25th!

  3. That is so funny! You have the cutest Halloween decorations. What a fun holiday! Have a great Sunday and good week at school.

  4. Love your Halloween decorations!

  5. I would assume they were all purchased on clearance? = )

  6. hahaha! that is funny! men are SO oblivious! mine doesn't say much but when i buy new decor i get yelled at and hear about "how much more clutter do we need..." oh well!!

  7. I love your Halloween sneak attack. I am going to put ours up today, well now that i saw yours.

  8. I put up Fall decorations before we left for vacation. I wait until October 1st to put up the Halloween decor and then it will be the Thanksgiving stuff :-) I saw your post for your giveaway, but it wouldn't take me to the post.

  9. OMGosh!! You are tooo cute! My husband is bionically made and notices (and remembers) EVERYTHING that I do - BUT can't remember to put his socks in the hamper... go figure!

    Love all the ideas... looks good!

  10. this had me laughing so hard! what is with dudes that they just don't notice anything? i'm pretty sure my husband would react in much the same

    i love halloween! i haven't hung decorations yet since i wasn't sure if it was proper halloween etiquette, but now that i see that at least you have hung yours, i will do the same!

  11. That is too funny, sorry your post creeped out prematurely! You really pulled one over on your husband:) I was gonna say if he didn't notice the lighted pumpkins... you better get his eyes checked, hehe! Enjoyed this post, have a blessed day!

  12. that's funny. my boyfriend is very similar to NOT noticing...much. examples: from cleaning stuff (and I'm soooo not a cleaner) to my hair being cut/dyed...i'm like "hello there!" i notice everything so it's weird that he (and many guys) don't! ha ha. strange. (oh, do you notice anything different, btw? i mean something popping up here...hmm...???)

    Oh, and after seeing your stuff I want to take my halloween stuff out of storage. about a month and a half until Halloween...and i like celebrating it for as long as possible!

    take care~

  13. ok, i don't see what i'm talking about. the new thing about me is my new profile pic. changed it for halloween and day of the dead coming up! ;)

  14. Men are so funny. I have put a few things out, but I do usually wait till the beginning of Oct. I got some of that soap from B&B works & the Leaves & Cider 1. Our leaves are already changing color here & they also have X-mas trees out in the stores.

  15. hahaha hilarious post! thanks for making me laugh :p i know so many guys who do not notice ANYTHING!

  16. Clay doesn't notice that stuff either. A few years ago his dad shaved half his head and face and it took Clay three days to notice. He even had multiple lengthy conversations with him. Boys are oblivious.

  17. SO FUNNY!! I love it, lol! Guys are so cute. I buy things all the time and Chad NEVER notices! No matter how big it is, he never notices!

  18. I love Halloween and cannot wait to start decorating! Love your stuff, I am getting excited thinking of October! It is also my son's birthday month, so it is a big month for us here :)


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