Friday, September 18, 2009

Deals, Deals, Deals.


Only one more day to sign up for the Yoplait Delights giveaway! So far it is the most response we have ever gotten on a giveaway! So awesome! The link is in the sidebar on the left half way down! Make sure you check it out if you haven't already!

So once again I stopped by goodwill and picked up this shirt:

It was brand new with tags and everything! It was 2.99. It looks really cute on!

I got this bubble mailer (ok I got a couple of them) on clearance at Michaels the other day! They were normally 2.97 and I got them for .99 cents! Expecting a package from me? It just might come in this cute envelop!
I got this at Michaels too! It's a super cute fall style coupon holder!
it was a $1 and I got it for 50% so it was .49 cents! It is too cute, and it is already full of coupons!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Great buys Friend! I love Michael's too. We also have a Hobby Lobby and I get some super good deals there! Have a wonderful weekend. School going good?

  2. You may just be an even better bargin hunter than me :) How lucky you were to find that top with the tags still on! And those bubble envelopes are so sweet, i havent seen any like it before.


  3. Cute shirt! I don't think I have ever been to a Michael's store. Probably because the closest one is 30 miles from me? You always find some great stuff though!

  4. Great finds! I love finding great deals at Michaels, but I usually have to stay aways because I always like everything thing I see there.

    Have a great Saturday!

  5. The shirt is great. Love the color. It will look pretty on you. Awesome finds today Mrs. Clearance!

  6. I may just have to make a trip to Michael's now....wonder if one of the local ones has a coupon holder like it!

  7. I think I'll have to go to Michaels to get that coupon holder.

  8. I'm going to have to check my Michaels for one of those coupon holders. I use the binder method but need something for my carry to the store coupons

  9. I have too many coupons for a coupon holder, so I have three like that. I am thinking of upgrading to a binder.

  10. I have to go to my Michaels and see if they have any of those bubble mailers- so cute!


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