Monday, August 31, 2009

Owls and a Blanket!


So some recent deals I got:

This is a body pillow case from Walmart. It was $3 on clearance. It use to be almost $9.
I looove owls, and there are 4 owls on this pillow case. They all look like the one above but just different colors! I'm not sure what I am going to make from it yet, but these owls were just too cute!
I got these 2 for a dollar at Dollar tree. I have been wanting these for a while!
What are they? Ice trays! They make the ice thin so you can drop them into water bottles! I hate trying to crush up ice to get it in there or drinking the water warm!
Im in love with these!I picked up this cute Halloween blanket at Goodwill for 3.99.
It still had its original tags! I love getting new stuff at goodwill!
It super soft and will look great thrown across the couch for an added Halloween touch!

That's it!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hey Queen,
    I like the new look of your blog. Love the owl pillowcase too!
    I appreciate your comments and constant support of my little blog.
    Did you just get married? Congrats if you did. You guys make a cute couple.

  2. I love the ice trays! I need something like that. What a great idea. The Halloween blanket is really cute too. I am so ready to decorate for fall.

  3. Love the owl and I would have never guessed the ice tray do-hickie:) What a cool idea, get it "cool":) How was school? Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi. Love the new look of the blog. Great job! Even greater job with the deals. i love owls too. not as much as you my friend but they're cute.

  5. You found awesome deals. I love it when the things that are deals are things that you have been looking for.

  6. Cute stuff and what great deals.

    Oh, and love your wedding pictures and your dress!

  7. Every time I see an owl now I think of you ;) I like the Halloween blanket. I love to get new stuff too!

  8. I'm pretty much down for anything Halloween related! Can't wait to bust out the decorations!

    i shoul dbe more like you. then my mumm wont get angry at me! :D

  10. now THAT's what those ice cube trays are for! Why didn't I think of that? I just thought it was fancy trays...that is a great idea they came up with. Doh!!! Helloooo Eve!!!


  11. I just had to come by and say hi to a fellow queen! I love the ice cube trays -- great idea! I was looking for regulare ol' ice cube trays a couple months ago and Dollar Tree didn't carry any. Maybe it's time to go back. I'd love to get some of these :)


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