Sunday, August 30, 2009

CVS deals...and notice anything new?


Notice anything different?

New blog layout! Sarah over at Subjective Beauty made it! She was great!
If your on the look out for a new blog layout, I would pick her! She was
super sweet, and super fast! Everything looks great! Her blog button is down towards the bottom on the right hand side if you want to check her out!

Also, she made me a new blog button! So if you have my old one please feel free to swap it out for the new one! If you don't have my old can take my new one! It is way cuter than the old one so it will look better on your blog!

Also if you are interested I add some pictures on the left sidebar towards the bottom! You might just see a wedding picture or two there!

So tomorrow is my first day back at school. I am super nervous! I always am the first day back!
How about we calm my nerves with my CVS deals from yesterday! You won't believe the deals I got...unless of course you do the CVS deals, then you already know about it!

2- Chocolate covered cookie dough balls (seriously?)
1- Gallon of milk
1- Glade (something or other) candle
1- Dawn soap

I made .53 cents off of this :)

My scanner broke, not sure when I am going to be able to scan in receipts for a while. Makes me sad! Wish Epson would sponsor my blog by giving me a new scanner. Will it happen? Probably not!

So that candle was free in the ad but with the $3 off coupon from the paper a coupon of weeks ago it actually makes it a $3 money maker.
Milk after ebcs was .99 cents
Candy was $1 after ebcs
dawn was .47 cents after coupon.

So that left me with a profit of .53 cents in ebcs. Yippy!

I will leave you with this:

Want me to explain?
Every 3 months or so, I get it in my head that my blankets in my closets are stale. lol.
Are they stale? But I get it in my head that they need to be washed if they are just sitting up in my closet all folded and stuffy. So I took them all down (including the pillows for our guest) and threw them on the couch to force myself to see them and to wash them! dog thought I laid them out for him...obviously!

Ooooo...look ^ at my new


  1. great deals, of course! love the new blog layout and those wedding pics are so cute!

    oh, and cute dog! :)

  2. I LOVE your new blog layout!! I'm jealous. Now I want one too, LOL You look so pretty in the picture of you in your wedding dress. How great is it that you make a profit when you shop?! I'll take a FREE candle any day ;) Good luck on your first day back at school tomorrow. Have you got your clothes laid out? Lunch pack? Or lunch money? Pencils, paper, and pens? Backpack ready? (Sorry. It's the mama in me to ask all these questions!)

  3. Yeah, I noticed your new button today and already switched it out! Love the new look and that you made $$ today.

    Have a great first day tomorrow!

  4. Great deals and the layout is gorgeous! Of course, I loved the other one too! I can't say that I blame the puppy, looks really comfortable! Good luck with school and you will do great! Don't be nervous, just be your sweet self:) Your Georgia Friend!

  5. I need to grab your new button, I meant to earlier and forgot!

    I love your wedding pictures, you looked so pretty!

    your dog is too cute!!!

    Good luck tomorrow at school :-)

  6. and I'm jealous, I want a cute signature too!

  7. What a lovely bed you made for your fur baby. Ah ha

  8. Love your weddingpictures, especially the one where the bridesmaids pester your hubbie ;-)

  9. How cute is your new layout? I LOVE it, and I LOVE that you made money shopping (isn't that an oxymoron??)

    Have a wonderful 1st day of school today!

  10. your blog looks fabulous! =)

  11. hey girl! LOVE the new blog look:) very stylin'!! i enjoy reading about all your deals! your wedding pics on the sidebar are so nice, loved your wedding dress too!

    hey, so the Intro to Scientific Inquiry is gonna be so FUN! the prof rocks; we get to do some projects like a science fair one!!!


  12. Your new layout looks great !!! :)

  13. Hi friend! I love the new blog look. She did a great job. I'll have to put your new button on my blog. I also wanted to say that your wedding photos are so pretty and you look beautiful. I love your dress!

    I cannot believe that you made money on your trip to CVS. The chocolate covered cookie dough candy looks so good :)


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