Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to find cheap books!


Remember my "where to find cheap DVDs post"? Well this is "Where to find cheap books post". Enjoy my tips!

1. Library.

Duh right? Yeah we all know that books are free (as long as you tunr them back in on time) at your public library, but our library does something amazing!
Once every other month or so they have a book sale. You go in and everything you can fit into a grocery bag is $2. It's amazing really! Call you Local Library or go in and ask them if they have something like this! It is awesome!

2. Thrift Stores

Some thrift stores way over price books in my opinion. I never pay more than a dollar for a book...it's my rule.
Our Goodwill has paper backs for .69 cents and hardbacks for 1.99
So go check yours out and see what they have!

3. Half Price Book Store

Do you have one of these?
You can check out their website HERE and see if one is in your area.
Almost of of their books are half off the cover price...
but I'll share a little secret.
In the very back corner of the store (at most locations)
You will find a clearance section. There things are normally $3 or less....
but normally you can find a $1 section and this is where I get 95% of my books!
You can find most popular fiction books there and some good autobiographies.
This is really the best place to find books. Esp. for your kids. In the kids section there is almost always a $1 clearance section too.

4. Amazon, Half.com...and many more websites.

Amazon is my fav, but Half.com has some good deals too. You can of course find them on ebay, overstock.com and other places, but I prefer the two mentioned before.
You can normally get books for a penny and then have them shipped for 2.99 so its 3 dollars all together.

5. Garage sales.

You can find a lot of good books at garage sales for .25 cents, .50 cents, and a $1.

Those are my favorite places! What are your favorite places to find cheap used books? Leave 'em in the comment section for everyone to know about!


  1. Good tips! My antique store has a number of booths with nothing but books and you can get many of them for a dollar! Have a great day!

  2. I usually use ebay. The Goodwill stores in my area just pack them in wherever and I am too lazy to search through them! :-) That half price book store sounds awesome, but all the ones in Illinois are near the suburbs of Chicago...as is anything good (well, except for me-haha!) thanks for posting :-)

  3. I get most of my books from the thrift store, Goodwill or a store in Chattanooga. It's called McKay's Used Books. They have very reasonable prices and like your store they have a section at the end of every isle called "bargain book" ....that's the first place I look! I love when our library has their book sale. Thanks for reminding me...it's been a while since I've been in there. I need to find out when they are doing it again. You have to be there early though. All the good stuff goes fast!

  4. I also use online book swapping websites like http://www.paperbackswap.com and http://www.bookmooch.com. You pay media rates for shipping out your unwanted books then get free books back!

  5. Good ideas! I use Paperback Swap, too, and it is fabulous!

  6. I love the library. I check out mags & videos for my daughter.

  7. Here's a few more:

    www.kijiji.com (kijiji.ca if in Canada)

    The last 3 links are for pretty much anything, including books. The last one is always Free! :)

  8. I got to start looking for cheaper ways to buy books. After a while, it gets hard on the wallet always buying them new... lol

  9. HI Friend!! I LOVE HBB! I go there atleast 2 or 3 times a month and get dvd's or books. I also like going there to get magazines. I got the latest Martha Stewart and others.

    Hope you are having a great week!!

  10. Great tips. I love walking around the bookstore with a latte in hand but it's not very cost effective!

  11. We just started getting DVDs from the Library recently. It is great. They have pretty recent titles and you can keep them for one week. I think that's longer than the video store.

    I love checking out books at the library too.

    I'm off to check out half.com.


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