Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Road Trip!


So I just wanted to post quickly before I leave! Tomorrow bright and early I am headed to pick up my best friend and hit the open road! We are taking a trip to one of my favorite states. Ohio! I was born and partially raised in Ohio. My family lives there, and I love going back often! With school kicking my butt I haven't had a lot of chances. But I'm off for some shopping and best friend time and I won't be back until late Sunday night. So most likely no comments, or post until Monday!

I cannot wait for Ikea, The museums, the flea markets, the thrift stores, the clearance shopping, and most importantly Jungle Jims (Please tell me you have heard of this place). I cannot wait for my Grandma's home cooking, my brother to drive me insane, my best friend and I blaring music and singing at the top of our lungs! I cannot wait for gas station fill ups, late night talking fests, and Milton's Doughnuts in the morning!

I love my Ohio and the fact that is holds everything I love in one State. oh and did I mention, LaRosa's Pizza, Skyline Chilli, and My favorite TCBY? Oh, the childhood memories!

Now I will leave you with my first blog on baking! I love to bake! A friend gave me this recipe. So I thought I would give it a try. The fun thing is....its all made from boxed it was super easy! Im going to call this "Betty Crocker box Recipe" Because it all comes from Betty Crocker!
Betty Crocker boxed pie crust is my fav, and I am a big fan of pie crust!
All you do is just add water. to this mix. so easy. Just press it into the pie pan.
Follow the directions on the back of the Betty Crocker Chacolate chip mix.
put it in over the pie crust and make sure to spread it out evenly.

You can use any cake mix. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, so I chose Vanilla. My fav is the french Vanilla, it's the best!Spread it over the cookie layer evenly.
cook on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then check on it every 5 minutes until you can
stick a toothpick in the middle and it comes out clean!
Let cool.Betty Crocker frosting, vanilla of course. Why is it in a bowl? I like Whipped icing.
I do not how ever like to pay the same price for whipped as normal when the only
difference is little air bubbles and you get less in the whipped....theoretically.
So I just dump the can of frosting in and whip it myself.

8 out of 10.
Good, I will make it again for sure!

My friend who gave me this called it a
cookie pie cake
pie cake cookie
a cookie cake pie

one of those.
I will be calling it:

Betty Crocker Boxed Dessert.

Enjoy! See you all next week!


  1. Have a great and fun trip!! And the cake looks yummy :) I'll have to try to make that soon!

  2. Have a great time! yummy recipe :-)

  3. Your trip sounds like a blast. I don't know what Jungle Jims is??

  4. Have a blast! I was born in Toledo and lived in Maumee.

  5. I hope you have a fantastic trip! It sounds like so much fun and unfortunately, I have never heard of Jungle Jims. What is that?

    That recipe looks delicious and so decadent. I will have to try it for sure.

  6. Have fun & be safe! Look forward to hearing all about it next week!!

  7. That looks very yummy! Have fun and be safe on your road trip :)

  8. Drive safe. Best fun time is so fun, seeing family and shopping lucky you. :) Cant wait to hear all about it.

  9. Have fun in Ohio! Your cookiecakepie looks very interesting. Very decadent!

    Oh hem... I haven't heard of Jungle Jim's. Sorry! I'm from PA originally and NY now. I guess we don't have those?


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