Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First product review!


So, I saw this little guy on TV and rushed to my computer and printed out the coupon for it and then went to my local grocery store and purchased him:

The pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair!
So I brought him home and set out to get the hair off of my couch. I have a dog who I adore:
Isn't he cute?
Well he loves the couch that he is on in this picture. Sadly for me, and the guest to my home he leaves hair all over it. I have an attachment on my vac that does a great job of getting the hair off. It's call "The Claw" and I love it. However, It does not get alllll of the hair up.
So I took this Fabric Sweeper and got to work. If you follow the directions in the commercial and the ones on the little yellow tab that you saw in the picture above it gets 95% of your pets hair up. Which is about the same amount as my vac.
This is what the underside of the Sweeper looks like:
It does it's job quite well, and it collects the hair in the little dome. The only thing that I did not get from the commercial is that once the dome is full of hair, you throw it away. I thought you could snap the dome off and toss the hair and then start all over again, But it does not allow for that. I think that....stinks :)

It's not too complicated to use and once it is full I will try to crack it open and see if I can find a way to reuse it because I'm cheap and that it just the way I am, If I succeed in this I will let you know.
This little guy is 4.50ish at your grocery store.
The coupon was for 2 dollars off making it 2.50ish
Is it worth 4.50? I'm going to say no, not for me at least.
Was it worth a try for 2.50....yes!
Do I like the product? Yes!
I think it works really well. It works as well as my vac attachment so that says a lot. But I have my vac attachment so I do not really need it.
What I might do thought is keep it in my car and after car trips with the dog I might use it to clean the dog hair off of my car seats. I think it is actually great for that! We live in apt. so It is not like I can just plug in my vac and haul it out into the parking lot and such. So it will be handy for that!
Your $2 cuopone is here:
click me

If you try it out let me know what you think!

1 out of 10 (one being lowest-10 being highest)

price with coupon: 10
price without coupon: 5
Ability to pick up hair on couch: 9
Ability to pick up hair on car seat: 8.5

Total Average: 8.125 out of ten

P.S. It is horrible at getting hair off of clothes, trust me I tried :)


  1. He is SOOO cute!!!

    you've been tagged check out my latest post for the meme :-)

  2. now, if only they would make a thing that picks up all the human hair from the bathroom floor. I mean I am having a hair loss crisis..seriously. I like the honest review. I don't have pets but I was thinking maybe I could try it out.

  3. Goood to know! I just found your blog and I have to say, you and I are much alike. I LOVE a bargain. If you get a second, check out my blog to see the $100 Pool House makeover I did. Also, my thrift store finds this month!

  4. I think how well it picks up the fur depends on the fabric of the furniture. It works really well on one of our recliners. It works ok on our love seat. It stinks because our dog uses our love seat more than we do so it gets really furry. I also thought you could empty it somehow. It made me so mad when I found out you were not supposed to do that. My husband takes the rollers off some how and dumps the fur in the trash.


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