Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Easter.


Just some quick Easter pictures. I had a little party with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my husband and me. I made Easter eggs for the party. They are Martha Stewart. I was flipping threw the tv channels and landed on her and Rosie O making these on Martha's show. I stopped because I love Rosie, but I stayed on the channel because these eggs looked amazing and soo easy!

I was fooled. :) They were faaaar from easy for me to make, and it cost be around 20 dollars to make them, because Martha's amazingly shinny and awesome glitter is 5 dollars a bottle, so three colors cost me over 15 dollars and then I bought 2 dozen eggs, and some Easter grass to lay them on.

I love them, and technically the directions are easy. You brush the glue onto the eggs and roll the eggs in the glitter and wait for them to dry. Simple right? Well, not for me. I figure if I spent 15 dollars to make them I'm going to keep them forever. So i poked holes in the bottom of eggs and drained the stuff out of it, then I boiled them to get all the gunk and such out of them. Then I had to let them dry. Then I glittered them, and it was tough to do the whole egg in glitter because you had to not touch it but some how touch it to glitter it all. It was irritating for me. The dotted ones were easier. Rosie used glue dots, but I was unwilling to put anymore money into the eggs so I used Martha's method and dipped a pencil end(earasers side) into the glue and then just dotted it on the egg. They were a pain but they were awesome. Check out my pictures of them below!

Ok, so I liked them so much I punished myself by also making an egg with everyone who was coming to the party's initials on it. Then I set it on the table kind of like a name place card, but totally cooler and 3D! Here are the pictures of those!

Ok now I'll show you my dollar store center pieces. I just took left over vases from my wedding, which are from the dollar store, and I put these eggs on a stick that I got at the dollar store 6 to a pack, and stuck them in there and added some Easter grass!
I couldn't really get a good pic of it without the glare, but you get the point. Ok, last if not least. I made this cute Easter banner. I wish I could remember where I found this but I can't but it is cute. I just took a bunny pattern from google images and an Egg pattern from there as well. I traced it on to different scrapbook paper and cut it out and then glued it to some cute ribbon and taped it on to the wall. Everyone who came over loooved it, and I loved it some much I'm refusing to take it down, it's still on my wall at this moment! Here are the pics:
Ok those were my homemade Easter decorations. I had lots of fun making them! Enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute. The banner is my favorite :)

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed at your craftiness and thriftiness! I found you from the dollar store crafts website, also one of my faves :)


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