Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hobby Lobby and Tuesday Morning.

So, I wanted to share with you a few clearance deals that I have. This first one I am most proud of and I constantly use this as a conversation piece.

This lamp is my pride and joy. First off I love black and white things so much that my wedding colors were black and white. This lamp was normally 90 dollars. I picked it up at a Tuesday Morning store. I got it for seven dollars. This lamp is made of pure marble and it weights at least 20 pounds. I always tell me guest to pick it up and they are shocked at its weight, then I go on to say something fun like "If some one broke into the house I could use this lamp as a weapon!" and then everyone laughs. This is one of my favorite things in my living room. I never really thought much about the store Tuesday Morning because there is not one near me, but there is one by my moms house so i tend to stop by every time I go to her town to see her. It is a lot like a Tjmax without the clothes, and I hate TJmax. It is my least favorite bargain store, Tuesday morning is much better, but still some things are on the pricier side, but their clearance and quite amazing and you have to keep in mind that the things you are buying are high end name brands for the most part.

On more deal before I go....

This pillow is my new Favorite accent on my bed. It was 28 dollars at Hobby lobby. I grabbed it for 4 dollars. It is a very well made pillow and If i wasn't so proud of it, it is so soft I might want to sleep with it, but I refrain!

So check out your local Tuesday Mornings for deals, especially their clearance section, and Hobby Lobby has a great clearance section that comes and goes with their home decor. It there more times than it is not though. Last time I was there a week ago they had just put it at 90% off so it is all cleared out, but towards the end of summer it will go 60% off and then start to drop slowly week by week until is reaches 90% again and then the cycle just keeps going. So keep a look out!

Happy shopping!


  1. We have a Tuesday Morning here but I never really knew what kind of store it was, but now I'm really excited to go in there!

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