Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Sick" Deals.


You guessed it...I'm still sick! This terrible bug won't go away! I do however feel much better than I did! So I took full advantage and decided that since we are suppose to be snowed in tomorrow and I hadn't been out of the house in 6 (SIXXXX!!!) whole days. That today was my only chance to get out! So what did I do? I took a little shopping trip!

Here are my finds:
These cute ornaments were 9.99 originally
at 90% off they were .99 cents.

I thought these were pretty. I will probably attach most of these to gifts next year so they look extra pretty!
originally 6.00
.60 cents @ 90% off

Love these trays they had! They are black leather trays...not sure why they are considered Christmas? They had 10 of them and I wish I had bought more but I was trying to be reasonable. I bought two.
They are originally 19.99 each
at 90% I got them for 1.99
I'm going to put necklaces in them and my many wallets I have on top of my dresser for quick decision making without having to rummage through my drawers to find the wallet/ jewelry piece I want.

Our target just happens to be attached to our right?
So I stopped in at Old Navy too.
These are my fav flip flops. They are all strappy. I got them in white and brown when summer started last year. They were $5 for the longest time on the clearance rack! I just happen to find a pair in my size for 99 cents! Yippy!
Ok this shirt has a long story, but basically I have wanted this forever! It was 6.99 on clearance and I was just waiting for it to go cheaper. Well I found the cutest shoes for 6 dollars that match this top I had shoes but not the top! Well this time it was on clearance even more for 3.49 so I finally bought it! I have to student teach some more this semester so I think this top, those shoes, a cute cardigan, some black dress pants and I will look....acceptable :)This shirt was 3 something on clearance.
I tried it on and notice a small hole (Grandma if you are reading this....this hole is your new mission). At Old Navy if you tell them about even the littlest of holes they will normally mark an already clearanced item down 50% more because they are already trying to get rid of why not? So I got this shirt for 1.49(ish). This hole is so crazy small, if Grandma can't fix it no one will ever know it was there anyways, but it made for a cheap shirt...and it looks cute on!

Last I stoped at Debs on my way out of the mall...normally I find nothing there but I found this top for $3. It's cute....I think :)

That's it for today!

Happy Shopping!

Whats coming next?

My one year Blog anniversary!
A giveaway!
A long over due showing of a swap I did!
Also.....A few of my favorite things I got for Christmas!

Lots to look forward to huh!? Just want to let you know that I've got lots of things planned and I'm not going to disappear again anytime soon!



  1. I love shopping for Christmas decs the day after! Hope you're feeling better and happy new year!

  2. Great finds once more! And I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you are starting to feel much better! I love those black and white ornaments! They are super cute. My Target had nothing before they even went to 75% off, so wow you really scored

  4. Great deals girl! I did a lot of after Christmas shopping... causing me to do even more organizing:) Trust me, there is still plenty if messy in my life, he he... I am just trying to get things so I can find them:) Have a blessed day my dear and hope you feel better soon!

  5. Love that striped shirt, so cute. What great deals!

  6. that will make a cute outfit! i CANNOT wait to tranfer schools and do my student teaching... someday!! i'm SO tired of these boring classes; i want to get to work!!!

    i love the 90% off at Target!! not much of interest was left at ours though!

  7. I love LOVE those ornaments you got...what a steal. And you got some other amazingly awesome things too, wow! Hope you are feeling completely better soon.

  8. You got some more cute things! I really like the leather tray! Feel better soon!

  9. Hope you feel better soon. I didn't even go out looking for marked down X-mas things. Just didn't feel like it. We got some nice things last year after X-mas. Love those ornaments that you got.

  10. Nice scores! This is the third blog I've read that posted about Target's 90% off sale. I'm marking my calendar for next year!

  11. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! It's not fair! When do you head back to classes? Feel better!


  12. I am so sorry you have been sick,I hope you are getting better now . You have gotten some great bargains! I think the outfits you have planned sound wonderful .
    Happy New Year!

  13. You always do so well at Old Navy!!! Great job!

  14. I hope you feel better soon, but some of those after Christmas deals are ridiculous and enough to make anyone feel better. That is so funny because a new Target opened right next to our mall too, so it makes it super convenient and then there is another one about a mile away from that. I cannot believe the deal on those trays. I wish I would have scored one of them. The Christmas stuff was wiped out around here.

    That blue top will look cute dressed up with a cardigan and I love the top from Debs. Happy 1st Blogaversary!! Time sure does fly :)


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