Saturday, November 7, 2009

90% off Halloween clearance at Target today! (My finds)


So this morning was the start of 90% off Halloween Clearance at Target. I got there when they opened with three other crazy ladies :) It was great to know I am not the only crazy in this town! We were very polite to one another, which I think it very important. I hate when people get snippy or angry over clearance. It's just not fun and ruins the whole point of clearance, because it makes you mad instead of happy about your deals! So I was very excited that the other ladies there were very nice! total came to

$29.65 cents with tax.
I saved:$ 253.35
The cashier was so excited for me! She shouted " You saved over 250 dollars!!?"
I just smiled and said "Yup"

Want to see what I got?

Look at all of that great stuff!

A tombstone to put outside! Its about 3 or so feet tall. It was 29.99
and I got it for 2.99. its great :)
These are suppose to be pumpkin stands. To put your pumpkins on....but if you flip them over they are just normal tin trash cans! They are getting the cover treatment like the one I did a while back of the ironman trash can! I will show you them once I make them!
'This is the main thing I wanted from the second the halloween stuff went out! It was 19.99 which of course I am too cheap to pay, but I love it! So I got it for 1.99 well worth the wait! such a cute wreath! I will probably put it on the door!They p.j bottoms. they were $7 so I got them for .70 cents each!
This ceramic bowl is really cute! Its pretty big and it can be filled with candy and then the little pumpkin head is standing in the middle. Love it. It was 12.99 so I for it for 1.29

These window clings were 1.99. I got three, once for each of our front windows! So they were .19 cents each!
This little guy was 1.99 and he came out to be .19 cents. He is really tiny and cute!

was 4.99
and I got it for .49 cents
I got two of them. The light up!

2 little halloween signs
1.99 each originally.
.19 cents each now!

Candle pillars.
8.99 for the tall and 6.99 for the small.
I got them for .89 cents and .69 cents2.99 a back for erasers covered in toy story and cars wrappers. I needed some erasers for school, plus I figured I could give them to my kids that I have for student teaching has a goodbye for them because I only have two more weeks with them!
so they were .29 a bag2 table covers. I figure I will use one a year to cover our table.
2.99 originally
I got them for .29 each.

placemats. I was hoping they would still be around when it came to 90% off because they were 14.99 a place mat. If you had four seatings that would be $60 just for place mats for your table!! That is crazy! I got 4 so that put me at $6 for these placemats. They are sooo pretty...look at them close up so much beading!

So pretty, and soooo heavy! They weight like 1 pound lie. lol.
This is an awesome find for 90% off. I cant believe it hung around that long! It was 29.99.
So I got it for 2.99. It looks even better than the picture on the box, I was surprised!
This cute platter was 4.99
So I got it for .49 cents. It will come in handy for taking my treats to our annual Fall party at my Dad's Cousin's house.
Turn your pumpkin into a tiger! We wanted the batman one...but they all seemed to be gone. All that was left was tigger and Pooh bear...and Im not a pooh bear fan. So next year we will turn out pumpkin into a tigger!
5.99 originally
I got it for .59 cents.
Large pumpkin that lights up!
he was 9.99 and I got him for .99 cents.A ghost candle holder. He was 5.99 so I got him for .59 cents

2 pairs of fuzzy socks and one pair of fuzzy slippers!
Who cant use fuzzy socks when its cold in their house!? And who cares what they have on them...because you are in your house! 4.99 each, so I got them for .49 centsgot this cute cup! Thought it could be our bathroom sink cup for Halloween time!
It was 1.49 so I got it for .14 cents.
I bought these for .39 cents each. they were 3.99 to start with. I thought since they only made 8 cupcakes each they were perfect for us because if we want some cupcakes we have to make like a whole 24 and then we have nothing to do with them! So this would be perfect!

this haunted house is cute! Just add a tea light candle in the back and its all lit up and spooky. I love this one a lot! It was 9.99 so I got it for .99 cents

So much stuff! Will I got this crazy every year? Noooo. but Living on my own now and being married, I need to get some Halloween decorations and such for our place so I can decorate every year! So I went a little crazy this year. but next year....I'll hold myself back a little...promise :)

Did you go to Target and get any good deals?

Happy Shopping!


  1. this has to be your best deal EVER. i think i love pretty much everything you got. EVERYTHING! i am so jealous!! :D

  2. wow :-) love the pj bottoms and the placemats!

  3. Oh so cute stuff! I think my favorites are the placemats and the wreath. I wish I could find pj pants that cheap! That's my uniform in the fall/winter when I'm at home, LOL

  4. I wanted that haunted house a month ago. I want to go hit up Tarjay now but I am sure everything will be gone by now!! Oh, and I left something for you on my blog!

  5. Ok I want to go to target it right now!
    I love everything you got.What great deals!

  6. omg omg omg target has the BEST clearances/sales! have you ever listened to a podcast about target..ughh i think it was by like the deal diva or something on itunes? it gave such great tips!

  7. I bought several of the Skeleanimals items when it was only 50% off -- I sort of want to go back to Target after seeing this to see if I can find any of them for 90% off, but that just seems dangerous to me!

  8. I got some of the same things - you're so lucky to get them for 90%. ours was 75% off and everything was almost gone

  9. wow!! You are set for the next 5 Halloweens!! I have not been to Target yet, I am on a no shopping ban for a month. It hurts.

  10. I am so proud of you... you could be my Daughter:) I shopped at 75% off and gots me some good deals too! Love all of yours, you sure saved a lot 'o money! Sweet shopping!

  11. holy crap!!! that is so awesome! i was at target yesterday and TOTALLY forgot to go look at the halloween stuff:( wonder if i can snag any deals tomorrow??

  12. Hey, can you shoot me your snail mail address? I found a little something I think you need!! hehehe!!

  13. Good Lord! You racked up! No need to shop for the next 10 Halloweens...except maybe for candy!

  14. OMG...all that for under 30 dollars!?!? 90 percent off is amazing! I love all of're going to have so much fun decorating next year for Halloween!

  15. You sure know how to shop. I can't believe how much money you saved. I wish we had Target in Canada.
    Go girl. Oh yeah, oh yeah...

  16. I wish I had a target close by. My closest is 2 hours away! I love the place mats the best! Great job!

  17. Wow, my Target didn't have any of that stuff left even during the 50% off time, I was kind of disappointed! My one good deal was false eyelash sets with glue for $2.98 (orig $6), I grabbed 3 different sets.

    giveaway this week on my blog!

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  19. This has to be one of your best shopping trips ever! I can't believe how much you saved and how little you spent. So many super cute things and you are all set for next year! My favorite are those beaded placemats.

  20. Cant wait to show you my great deals! Thanksfor tellin us about the sale!

  21. Man oh Man! I did not go yesterday as I was busy with my son's play. Dang it! I really, really, really wanted those placemats. UGH. Maybe my target will still have a few things if I rush over there right now. Probably not but hey I guess it's worth the attempt....

    Good job! I love 90% off day! Coveting those Jammie bottoms, my Target didn't have them! Boo Hiss!

    Lucky lady!

  22. You are da queen! Da jiggity queen! Those are incredible savings you got there.

  23. wow! Im so impressed with your halloween finds! If only the shops here in Australia sold such wonderful halloween things.


  24. You scored big!!! I am in the enchanted swap with you and just wanted to come say hi!

  25. Wow, as always, very impressed--and now I want to go look for clearances :) But one question: How do you know when these deals (such as 90% off Target clearance) start? Do you look on all the store websites? I'm baffled. (And I apologize in advance for all the political stuff on my blog...i've been on a serious political kick lately)

  26. when is the 90% off this year?


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