Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicago Shopping!


So These are the things I picked up from my trip to Chicago to see Britney in concert!
Forever 21 has a new line of clothes for us fuller figured women!
I picked up the shirt above. I have a really hard time paying full price for things, but It was so cute! I just couldn't help it! It was $17 dollars.
Here's a close up:
cute huh?

So While I was in Chicago I came acrossed something that made me skip for joy....
A Forever 21 Accessories store! You heard me right! It was a huge store just full of there accessories. No clothes, just their amazingly cute necklaces, handbags, rings, headbands and more! I picked up these two things!
These two head bands came in a package together for 3.80. They are like braided leather. They are so cute and look great in my hair! I love headbands so much!

I have been looking everywhere for a Skeleton key necklace for under $10. They are really popular right now but I could never find a cheap one! Well these came in a pack for $4.80! I was sooo excited when I saw these! I loooove Forever 21. They have fashionable stuff for such a great price! I have only worn it once and I got a compliment on it instantly!

Love Chicago! Can't wait to go back again!

Happy Shopping!


ps. I have a new can check it out HERE. But please don't feel like you have to.


  1. CUTE! Cute shirt, cute headbands, cute necklaces! I would let you shop for me anytime, lol

  2. Love your finds in Chicago, cute shirt and necklaces! I have never visited Chicago but would like to. I also shop at Forever 21... thanks to my Granddaughter. They do have good stuff and not so dang expensive. We don't have one of the accessory stores, at least I don't think we do! Gonna go google it, have a blessed day!

  3. Love that shirt, it is so cute. And $17 at full price is really not that bad! I would have bought it too!

  4. Great finds. I have seen necklaces like that all around. I want to find one myself now! Your shirt is worth the full price with the awesome detailing on top.

  5. Great scores. LOVE those necklaces!!

  6. very cute, I like Forever 21 and I don't feel I'm too old to either ;-)

  7. I need to get to Chicago someday. Love the necklace's.

  8. Forever 21 is always the best place for good finds! I love the detailing and colour of your shirt and the necklaces are very cute.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Awesome Forever 21 finds!! I miss having one of those right down the street. I used to pop in there all the time, but now the closest one is 2 hours away :( I didn't know there was an accesory store, cool!

  10. Forever 21 has some of the CUTEST stuff! Forever 21 and Britney are my two favorite things.

  11. Cute stuff, and love the new blog look too! Very bright and cheerful :)

  12. love the skeleton keys. i have some real ones...i have been collecting 'em for a lil' bit now. i bet you could find some real ones on your shopping journeys. you just HAVE to get a real's just not the same. ;) yet, the ones from there are pretty cool. (and the real ones are a bit heavy around your neck! ugh.)

  13. I love the cool top and accessories! Great prices also.8-)

  14. I love it all, especially the skeleton key necklaces. They remind me of the kind from Tiffany & Co. Very stylish!

    I finally am back on the internet for tonight and I emailed you! So sorry it took me so long. Internet here is slow and expensive!


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