Monday, August 24, 2009

Recent Deals :)


Alrighty. So I have been a bad blogging friend towards the end of the week and for sure over the weekend because I went away and forgot to tell you I would be gone! Sorry for everyone who was wondering where their blog comments were! I think I mostly got caught up on your blogs, but I came home to over 200 new post so if I missed you please forgive me and know that it was not intentional at all!

So this is what I did all weekend:

went to this concert:The Blues Traveler.

Hanging out with:

Dad and Mom for Dad's birthday

and slept a whole bunch because I've been feeling icky!

Here are just some recent(ish) deals I have gotten lately!
I got these at Staples! They were a penny each. I went back again and got 6 more. 12 should get me through the school year right? I sure hope so! 12 cents for 12 notebooks...good deal!

We have a card factory outlet store here in town and these little dishes were 25 cents each. I cant wait to bake something cute and little in them!These were 25 cents each too!

This is a pack of clear stamps I found on the dollars rack at target. it was 50% off so I got it for .50 cents! Now I can stamp any phrase I want! That will be exciting!
.50 on the same rack. 4 wood stamps! Too cute.

Lime green Calculator? Hello? I love thee!
We are always losing calculators, and lime green is my fav color.
.50 cents on the same rack.

That is it for today!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow these are all GREAT! i was about to comment on the notebooks .12 cents for each or .12 cents for all 12. That's amazing. I seen the same at Wal-mart for .10 each. That's pretty good too. My 1st day is tomorrow and I'm so nervous. But we will make it out alive. Good luck! :)

  2. WOW!! You got some great deals! I LOVE those little dishes, they are just darling! I cant believe the price of them!

    Blues Traveler, how fun!!! Your parents look so cute too :) So sorry you arent feeling well :( I hope you are better soon!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog this morning!!! You are a doll :):)

  3. Love those little dishes. I suggest brownies....yummy! $0.12 for notebooks? AND you got them in PINK? LOVE IT! I bet the Blues Travelesrs concert was awesome. Glad you got to see them.

  4. Honey please, what great bargains! Those little dishes would be great to make things in to take to sick folks or when you cook for people who have lost a loved one and just leave the dish! Your Mom and Dad are so sweet... Happy Birthday Dad! Have blessed day!

  5. Hope the ickyness is gone now! Take care

  6. geez louise girl-those r awesum deals! i m typin w/ pumpkin on my arm btw-sorry!

  7. just came across your blog ... very cute! xoxo

  8. great deals! :) and i heart blues traveler!

  9. cute stuff! hope you're feeling better!

  10. i love the little dishes! how sweet!

  11. I am so glad that you got to have some fun and relax over the weekend! I hope the concert was fun and that your dad had a nice birthday!

    The little dishes are so cute and I love that lime green calculator!


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