Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green glass and tank tops!


I'm almost to my 100th post. This means...Giveaway time is coming soon! I just mailed out everything to everyone that is waiting on a package from me (except for EVE...sorry, I cant find a box it will fit in!). This giveaway has been a long time in the making, can't wait to hit 100 posts and let you all in on my new giveaway! Only 7 more post to go after the ones I have scheduled! Oh, and I finally reached 80 followers! That is waaaay exciting! Welcome new followers!

Warning! Green glass obsession is in full force!

I found these at a Goodwill! I love them! They are super unique and green (of course)! They are like little shot glasses. Well, that's what they will be used for anyways! lol. They were .49 each but black was the 50% off color so I got them for .25 cents each!
This glass matched the others but it is much bigger! Too cute! It might become my spit cup for when I brush my teeth...I know you needed to know that :)
This one was .99 cents and it was half off so it was .49 cents!

This tank top is super cute! It was 3.99 at goodwill but was the color of the week so I got it for 1.49! It was new with the tags still on and everything! I love it! The store it was from had them on sale today (I just happened to see them) for $7 dollars. I laugh at $7!  :) I'm weird.

Also, The Queen of Clearance is under construction! If something looks out of place that's why! 

That is it for today!

Happy shopping!


  1. cute glasses! will you use them for more craft storage? can't wait to hear whats in store for your giveaway!!!

  2. I don't think I'm ever going to see this gift...:( With all the hunting & shopping you do, I'm more than certain you can find a box for it! :) Um, if you aren't going to send it could you atleast tell me what it is? You've been keeping me in anticipation for a really long time girl!??

  3. Great deals. I love that teal color. Its my fave.

  4. Cute glasses and tank top! Happy Sunday and have a blessed day!

  5. Those are cute, and again, some great finds!

  6. great finds! i love that tank top!

    and, btw, i really like the new website setup! very cute!

  7. love the top and how cute is your new blog look?!?! love it!

  8. Love your warning about your green glass obsession! Great finds and cute new look.

  9. Great glasses and they were so cheap! I love the color of that tank and the ruffles. That is awesome that you got something brand new for $1.49!

  10. Love the green glass and tank top!! I found great collection of tees, tanks and tops at Eddie Bauer...


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