Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Samples


First of all I wanted to announce the winner of my July Giveaway of a 16X20 Poster!
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That was Kathie for My Net Finds!
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Also I have a new wonderful blogging friend! She even wrote the sweetest post about me
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So today I opened my mail box and all of these were waiting for me for FREE:

Free Samples!

Here are the reasons I love free samples:

1. You get to try new products before other people.
I have gotten free samples for things before they even hit the shelves at the stores! That is the best.

2. You get to try new products without wasting your money.
You can try that cool new looking shampoo with out having to waste your money on it and hating it later. Also you can try it and love it and know that you are spending your money on something you know you like!

3. They almost always come with coupons!
When they come in the mail they almost always attach coupons for the product with it! If you like it thats good because then you have a coupon you can use towards the purchase of it!

4. Travel size.
If its a product you like or already use you can put it in your cosmetic bag and use it when you go on a trip like its a travel size!

5. Stock pile
Ok heres the major reason I love free samples.
I haven't bought tampons in over 4 months now due to free samples and CVS deals.
Also if its a brand or a type that you don't like still keep it under your cabinet for when one of your friends are over and they suddenly need a feminine hygiene product!

So now that you know why I am crazy about Free samples. Here is where I get my free samples from:




If you have anymore places to get free samples let us know in the comments section!


  1. I got some free samples today too! :-)

  2. I also rcv' free items in the mail. But to be honest it was so long ago I started doing it. That I don't even remember where i go anymore. I forget about it and whoop there it is lol I love free goodies.

  3. Congrats to Kathie on winning the giveaway!

    I love getting freebies in the mail. The latest product I have tried was the new Aveeno shampoos and conditioners. I really like them!

    Thanks for passing along these sites!


  5. samples are awesome!! love getting them in the mail; beats getting a BILL anyday!!

    congrats to the winner!!

  6. Thanks for the link -
    Yay!!! Freebies! The best kind of deals.
    Congrats to the winner! ;)

  7. thanks for the links on free samples!

    btw- i am sending out the prize in the mail this weekend. i apologize for the delay, but i don't have time to get to the PO till then!

  8. It is wonderful that a twenty something has the sense to look for bargains. I think a lot of people in our age group do not make it a priority to try and save money if they can. During these hard times if you are smart you will make it a priority. I have learned some money saving tips over the years. You have given me some more great tips. I never would have considered taking the time to have free samples mailed to me. I think I may try some of your tips and see how much I can save. I was wondering if you had any good ideas for saving money on Christmas gifts. I am not crafty so I can not make gifts. Have you considered writing a book? Twenty something’s could really learn something from your creative frugalness.

  9. Totally checked out your links to your freebie samples. Ordered my Burts Bees free sample today.


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