Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CVS deals from this past sunday!


So I got all of the following at CVS this past Sunday:

4- carefree pantyliners
4- boxes of mac and cheese
1- box of kotex tampons
2- poise pads
1- trail size tooth paste
1- Buffalo chicken nuggets
2- packs of 10 count mechanical pencils
2- composition note books


Its a little higher than normal, but I just wanted Mac and Cheese so much! lol.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love those Buffalo chicken nuggets! Have you tried the other flavors of jerky? I like turkey jerky. It's just fun to say that...turkey jerky! LOL (Can you tell I'm need sleep?!)

    And look at you with 78 followers!! You go girl!

  2. Wow, impressed once again. I love Kraft mac and cheese too. So simple, yet so good. Great shopping girl.

  3. Girl, you are going to put them out of business!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Some good news! I just found out the first print I was featuring is in a giveaway so it could be yours for free. Yes I said FREE! Check it out:

    What fun!

  5. That is still so cheap considering all of the items that you got. You should be stocked up for awhile now on some of those things.

    I love the Jack Link's Chicken Nuggets!

  6. Totally understandable...(the macaroni & cheese splurge)

  7. haha you really are the queen! all hail! :)


  8. Hi Friend!!!

    WOW!! Great Deals! I want to take advantage of the cvs'ing that you do! You have GOT to do a lesson on it in one of your blog posts!


  9. Lucky you:-) All that would of cost me like $20

  10. I am impressed...and need to come back often....

    Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched today. The button on my regular blog will take you right to it....

  11. Um wow. And now I WANT M&C!! Darn PMS.

  12. Honey please, you can really fill up a shopping cart for a little bit of money! You ARE the Queen:)

  13. I love that you're not afraid to show off your cheap tampons. Go girl!

  14. AHH mac & cheeeese haha, always reminds me of being a little kid again! i used to like rush to the kitchen when it was time to stir in the cheese bahha

    btw your comment on my blog, you should totally get those flats! they are the BEST. i like killed my gold pair and they still love me

  15. LOL! $4.08 is higher than usual? geesh! i blow through that amount for lunch! good deals!

  16. We are fans of Mac and Cheese too ;) I didn't get to shop last week :( And today we are going out of town so hopefully I will get the time to clip my coupons!


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