Thursday, August 20, 2009

CVS deals, and a little freebie.


Hope everyone's week is going well! Mine is. For once I have no schoool. Just two weeks off all to myself. I get to shop, clean house and prepare myself for the rough semester I have a head of me!
But enough about me....on to my cvs deals!

2- Sobe Life Waters
1- Gallon of milk
2- 150 sheet filler paper
2- mini composition notebooks
2- packs of pens
1- colgate tooth paste
1- pair of phillips head phones
8- folders
2- glade fabric refresher

2- recycled pencil boxes

1- pack of CVS tampons

All for 3.74


ok now for the freebie.
I got an Email for CarolinaPad.
I actually buy my school planners from them every year. This year I got a super cute one!
Its black and white damask with yellow trim!
Their planners and other office supplies are always so cheap.
Anyways, in my email (that Im sure they sent to everyone, so you might already know this!)
If you send a picture of your home (or work) office desk (as is...not tidied up)
and send it to them via email at
along with your mailing address, then they will send you a free Carolina Pad product.
What is it?
Who knows!?
but its from them so its bound to be its free!

Have a great day!


  1. Going to have to change your name to Queen of CVS!! Who cares what CarolinaPad sends? It's FREE! LOL

  2. Girl-I give up, you are the Queen:) I can't believe you got all that for such a tiny amount! Go, Queen, Go! Enjoy your time off!

  3. i like the recycle boxes...i got some that are similar from target. have you seen those?

    great deals!

  4. I am still so confused about the whole cvs thing but i defently want to understand! you get AWESOME deals!

  5. You have done it again. Great work!

  6. If it's free, it's for me...LOL! I love seeing your CVS deals. I've never tried the Glade Fabric Refresher. I guess it's kind of like Febreeze?

  7. it's no Oscar, but hey, it's an award! :-) so come and get it!

  8. One of these days I will actually "get" the whole CVS thing! Good Job, and thanks for the FREEBIE headsup!

    Come see the cutest Halloween bucket over at my place - I'm the proud owner of a new Etsy Shop!!!

  9. any idea if that giveaway is open to Canadian residents or just US?

    Great deals!

  10. Wow, less than 4 bucks? Crazy talk.

  11. What a free Carolina Pad product? Thanks, I haven't heard of this yet ut I'm going to send an e-mail off so one!

    Great CVS shopping trip!

    Have you ever thought about writing a book about how to save money or shopping smart? If not I think you could do it! I'd even pay money for that!

  12. You rock those CVS deals! Great job!


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