Friday, July 17, 2009

Ohio Goodwill Finds!


So in continuing with my Ohio finds! Here are the things I found at the many GoodWills we stopped at along the way!It is sooo weird how you need something and then it just appears in front of you sometimes.
Needed thumb tacks and there they were on the shelf.
It was red week so I got 50% off
.50 cents.
Sad story!
I bought three glass objects.
Two were so cute! they were painted blue and green. Loved them so much
Green glass bowl was cute as well!
Was walking out to my car and I dropped the bag on the cement.
I was so sure that there was no way they all broke right?
They were wrapped in paper! There was no way...
Wrong all three broke into tiny little pieces.
I actually had to choke back tears.
I really liked the two glasses that were was a sad day :(
This picture turned out a little dark but you can see how well the pillow matches the couch.
I thought it just might! I picked it up at a Good Will.
It was 2.99
The color was blue
I got it 50% off
So exciting!
Im sitting it in the rocking chair next to the couch I thought it might help tie the two pieces together.

I found a pair of chocolate brown pants,
So comfy! and so light weight! which is good because my jeans are making me hot this summer!
They are from Old Navy! The tag was red so no deal here.
but they were only 3.99 and fit so well!Bought one of these on clearance for $5 at walmart.
Loved the shirt and the way it fit. I bought it in a bright blue!
Went back to get another color because I love it so much and they were all gone!
So sad.
Found this one at Good Will for 3.99
tag was red so no deal on that one either
but oh well!
Forever 21 shirt.
color tag was blue so 50% off
Brand new!
So cute!

That is it for my Ohio Goodwill finds!

Next up: Ohio Target Clearance!

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  1. i'm so sorry to hear what happened to your glass objects! :( just looking at them and how pretty the glass was makes me feel your pain...

    your other finds are truly awesome! :)

    you could perhaps do something crafty with the broken glass. i wouldn't say that normally, but it's just so pretty! i have no idea what you would do...maybe take some grout and make a mosaic? lol easier said than done though. and probably dangerous since it IS broken glass...

  2. Those 2 tops are too cute :) I hate that you broke your glass objects :( That's happened to me before. I bought a nice glass candle holder and the bag slipped out of my hand as I was walking up the steps (concrete steps!)to my apartment. I was sick over it!

  3. Hey again! Cindy (that's me) is actually at Twas the Brillig (! I really need to upload a profile pic or! Sorry for any confusion!

  4. I'm sorry the glass items broke! :-( It's happened to me as well and I almost cried too. Love the tops!

  5. Great finds Queen!

    :( So sorry about the glass items breaking. Sucks when that stuff happens. But hm, maybe Cindy is right & you could make it into some type of ART. I've worked with broken glass many o'times & it can be hard BUT just wear good gloves & maybe something nice will come out of it.

    Really like the Forever 21 shirt. Great score!!!

  6. Hi Queen, I am sorry about your blue and green glass objects but just to make you smile I will say that my local Ikea had painted glasses (set of 6) blue/green and really cute that I bought recently and if you like it you can get them too. I know it won't bring your old ones back but atleast you will like them. Cheer up girl.

  7. Hey Congratulations again for winning the giveaway on mynetfinds blog.

  8. So sorry to hear about the glasses. They looked pretty though.

  9. Awesome finds! Have you considered using your broken glass in a mosaic?

  10. Sorry about the the glasses! I agree they looked like they were pretty! Also like the suggestions about making something artsy like a mosaic with them!

  11. Our goodwills don't do it that way! Just written on the bottom in black ink...I wish we had % off! I would do even more damage than I do now!! hehehe!

  12. Aww, I'm sorry your glassware got broken! I hate when I accidently break stuff. It's so frustrating.

  13. Hi Queen of Clearance. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it. Great finds today my friend! I am a thrift store t-shirt hunter. I love old t-shirts. Just wanted to say hi, I am going to follow you along. Happy hunting!

  14. What great sales you found at the goodwill stores!

  15. I am so sorry that the glasses broke. That stinks! I do love everything that you got though, especially that cute top from Forever 21!


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