Thursday, June 25, 2009

StrapPerfect: Product Review


So if you remember two entries back I got these at the 50% off day at Goodwill:
Alright so lets get down to business:
go Here to watch the video about these little guys:

The video makes it look so easy, and really if you watch the part where the lady puts the strap perfect on for the other lady, then yes it looks easy.
Try doing it for yourself....and it really isn't that easy.

I had to contort my arms in ways I didn't know I could in order to get this sucker on! Once I got use to it I could slide it on easier but never as easy as the people in the video. If you have a really handy husband he could do it for you, sadly I have a husband who can't even clasp a necklace around my neck for me, so I didn't even ask him to try this.

Also looking through my closet I have tons of tank tops and sleeveless shirt, but I really only have one of two shirts that are racerback
(racerback, in case you didn't know)

So really I don't have much use for it after all. If your closet is full of racerback shirts then this might just be worth it for you!

Also If you have.....a larger bust (like me), perfect strap kind of hurts. It puts all the pressure of your bra on your neck. If you loosen the straps on your bra to lessen the stress then it also loosens the support you have from your bra as well.
So the perfect strap (while it works) for larger breast, it (like everything else) is made for the smaller busted women.

So to wrap it up:

Price: 9.99(for 6)- 19.99 for (9)
plus you get free fashion tape to hold garments in place

Price: (if you don't get it for cheap like me): 4
Price if you find it at Goodwill 50% off day: 10 (2.25 is the perfect price for this)
comfort: 7
ease to use first time: 6
ease to use after a little practice: 8
recommendablity(made up my own word!): 7

I highly recommend this product if the following apply to you:
1.small-medium bust size
2.find product on sale
3.if you can easily reach both hands behind your back and can touch the middle/center of it with no problems.
4.Have tons of racerback shirts

total score out of 10: 7

Happy Shopping!


  1. You mean it doesn't magically make you stand up straight like the commercial says?? I've been wondering about this product. Now, I need you to find one of those "bump-its" on sale and review it!! Thanks for the review. I was pretty sure this product wasn't for me, but it was nice reading an honest review of it.

  2. good to know...I think I'd only buy it if I could get it really cheap!

  3. I have kind of wanted to try these... I do actually have a lot of shirts that this would come in very useful for... but I can't see myself ever actually buying it. Maybe if I find it on sale I'll try it out. I like your product reviews :)

  4. Why would you think I hate you??? I don't know why you said that :)

  5. Haha, I've always wanted to try these. Thanks for the review :)

  6. I had to laugh at the "everything is made for smaller-busted women" comment :) I have the opposite problem you do--I'm like a negative bra size, I'm so small. and i always think that everything is made for women with actual (i.e., larger) busts. maybe it's just all made for medium women. And I can't believe i'm writing such a long comment about this subject. :D ha!


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