Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Update in the Mist of Finals.


I just took my first final! It was amazingly easy. I was pretty shocked! I totally pulled an A in that class. Anywho- When I have to study, that seems the time when I craft the most. I am always trying to put off the studying....oh and I shop more as well to put off the studying. :)

So I went to my local thrift store. There I got an amazing skirt. It was 3 dollars. It was a size Medium. Which, let's me honest...I am faaaar from a medium, Especially in teen clothes. This skirt was a teen shirt and of course I had to have it because it was black and white. So what use is it if it didn't fit? I really did not care. I loved the fabric and was willing to make it into a pillow or something....but I had a sudden idea....and now I type this post up as I am wearing the skirt!

I cut the waist off the shirt and added some elastic and suddenly not only can I wear it but it's the perfect length for me (It was a little long before). So I am excited to show me wearing my new skirt!This whole outfit cost me under 10 bucks.

Shirt- 1.50 target
Skirt- 3.00 Thrift store
Sweater- 3.99 old navy
Neclace- Free (reused stuff)
Flip flops- .99cents old navy(not pictured)

so the total is: 9.48

The necklace looks like this close up:
I made it myself with things I had on hand. I actually made a smaller version of it too. I will deffinately wear the smaller one, but I am unsure if I will wear this one out in public. It seems too big for my taste. I'm thinking of giving away to someone, but I will just have to wait and see.

Ok that is really all I have time for right now! Hope you liked this Quick update!

Happy shopping and as always Happy Crafting!


  1. I love all of it and I really love the necklace!!! I wish I were crafty :-)

  2. I think blogger is messed up because I only have 1 post for today. I tried to schedule another post and maybe that's why it's showing another post for me?


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