Saturday, March 28, 2009

Revamping old salt & pepper shakers.


So I wish I had a before picture of these but once again I got too caught up in the craft and didn't think about it until it was too late. Oh well. They were ugly. They had blue stripes on them that I covered successfully. They look awesome now, and match my kitchen/ dining room perfectly! Take a look:

Aren't they cute? I was acutally quite please with them. I got the paper at the craft store for a dollar and the old salt and pepper shakers were from the dollar general store a looooong time ago for a dollar as well.

I took the scrap paper and laid in on the shakers to see how wide I wanted my strips. I took an exacto knife and cut the strips, then I modge podged the back of the paper and placed it on the shakers. Then I covered over the paper with more modge podge to seal it in. I cleaned off the excess with a damp wash cloth and that was that! I let them dry for a little over an hour and they were good to go. Of course you can't throw these in your dishwasher, and cleaning them will be tricky. Mine are mostly just for decoration, I have an old plastic set that I use for every day cooking, but these look nice sitting on the table and will be used sparingly I'm sure.

I love em.


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