Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can you out grow a name?

Hello Ladies!

I have felt very welcome coming back into the blogging world! So thanks so much!

First note of business...Revamp? Do I need a revamp?

Do I still clearance shop....YES! Of course I do. Is it all I am? Is it all I want to talk about on my blog? Not so much. I want to branch out a little. I want to talk a little bit more about my life, and A little bit more about things that interests me, and places I travel to, and of :) Shopping will always be something I love, but I feel older and wiser after the last year and everything I have been through, I feel like I want to talk about more than just shopping.

Also, Dont telling shopping....but I have found a new love....TEACHING! I want to talk a little bit more about teaching as well. I was always uncertain about whether I really want to be a teacher or not...but last year I really fell in love with it, I really became interesting in learning from other teachers and become the best teacher I can be!

Have I scared you off? I hope not!

With that...I feel like I need a new blog design! I might even need a new blog name! Who knows, but I am going to be seriously looking into a new design and picking a name is always hard, so it might stay the same and it might change! I have not decided yet!

So hang in there with me until I find my new....shall we say....groove :)

Until then....

Happy Shopping :)

*update*- I redid the layout of the blog! Hope you all like it! I am still undecided about the name of the blog but I will probably keep it until I come up with something better....which might be never!


  1. Old friends... it may be a while between visits or chats but they are still your friends ALWAYS! I am tickled pink to have you back! It doesn't matter to me what your blog is called or whether you talk about shopping or teaching... just happy to have you back! AND I am happy that you are happy! BIG HUGS, can you tell I am happy?:)

  2. I'll be lurking no matter what you blog about *hugs*


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