Friday, October 30, 2009

Shoes Sale! Hurry though, only Today!


There are some great deals going on right now! I follow lots of money saving blogs and they are all a buzz with the following deals:

First lets start with Payless Shoe Source. They have a coupon out that was good for yesterday and today HERE for 50% off. Just print out your coupon and get as many shoes as you want, or purses, or anything else the store carries! It is a super exciting coupon because it covers everything even sale prices! I'll show you the shoes I got a little further on in the post!

Also Today and tomorrow at Old Navy you can get your child a Halloween costume for $2. They aren't cheapy either, they are the really nice ones! My fav one is the monkey with a bananas in it's pocket! So go out and grab those for any of you last minute shoppers with kids!

Lastly is this coupon HERE. It is for a free pocket sized Anit- bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works with any purchase. So if you have something to buy there anyways, then use this for a little extra freebie. If you have no shopping to do there, do what I did and buy one hand gel for 1.50 and get the one for free. Making them .75 cents each.

Here are the pictures from the deals I got today!

From Payless Shoe Source:

They are normally 17.99

They were on sale for $7

With my 50% off thanks to the Oprah coupon.
I got these for $3.50
These brown ballet flats are super cute!

They were 24.99
On sale for $5
I got them for 50% off because of coupon
So there were 2.50

Shoes would have been at regular price: 42.98
Sale Price they would have been: $12
My price: $6
I saved: 36.98!

Good deals!

Here are the Bath and Body Works Hand gels I got!
Winter Candy Apple, and Midnight Pomegranate!
They smell soooo good!

So go on, what are you waiting for!
Go get these deals before these great coupons Expire!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I'm so depressed, I'm broke! :-( dang it all. I like those black shoes, I thought they were cute last time I saw them at Payless.

  2. dang, i am in the same boat with kathie! BROKE as a JOKE!!!!! great shoes! love payless too ♥

  3. Good deals! Cute shoes:) I am in for the day and babysitting tonight:( darn! Have a great weekend!

  4. One of my customers brought in the coupon for me today. Unfortunately I had already been on my lunch break and have to rush right home after work! Darn, no super cheap shoes for me either....

  5. Ok...I'm another person in the broke boat! But you got some super cute shoes ;)

  6. Oh the first shoes? Adorable! And I love winter candy apple...its a yum!

  7. Thanks for sharing-- I got me some of the same as your first pair, but brown :) And a few purses for gifts, a pair of sunglasses, and a necklace--all for $16.22! Woo-hoo!
    P.s. I tried Old Navy for a costume for Caleb (so i could return the $10 walmart one we got), but they were all cleaned out first thing this morning they said. Boo :(
    Thanks again!!

  8. Wow! Those are some cheap shoes! Congrats on another great deal!

  9. you got awesome deals at payless! that coupon was amazing - i picked up three christian siriano pairs and two bags!

  10. Well done on finding those awesome shoes!
    Flavoured anti-bacterial! Im kinda obsessed with using anti-bacterial gel since doing nursing I know how many germs are everywhere. But in Australia they only have yucky smelling ones :(


  11. I heard about the Payless deal and missed out. I cannot believe the deals you got! The brown flats are so cute. I could also use some of those pocket bacs with all of the germs spreading around!

  12. Wow, talk about some awesome deals you got! Wonder if Payless had the same deals here in Canada...probably not but oh well. That scented hand gel sounds like it smells great....the last scented hand sanitizer gel I bought was suppose to smell like strawberry but it's icky....smells too medicinal.


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